Could Victoria Beckham and Sienna be the most fashionable pairing since sweaters and shirts?!

It doesn’t take a lot to get us excited about fashion but when we hear that Sienna Miller was dressed by Victoria Beckham, our fashion hearts fluttered! Could you imagine being a fly on the wall in that dressing room!? Wonder what the two could have been talking about…

Seen earlier today at a photocall for her latest film in San Sebastien, Spain. Sienna, 33, stars in High Rise alongside Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons and Luke Evans where the film is currently competing.



The gorgeous actress was seen in one of Victoria Beckham’s dresses that was debuted less than ten days ago at New York Fashion Week – literally hot off the catwalk and she looked stunning in the monochrome check dress. Victoria has taken to Twitter and voiced that she thinks Sienna looks ‘amazing’ in her dress and we couldn’t agree more!

It was only yesterday that Sienna was seen hobnobbing and rubbing shoulders at London Fashion Week on the FROW of Burberry with Suki Waterhouse, Kate Moss and the darling Cara Delevingne – who was sat next to her rumoured girlfriend St Vincent.

Sienna who recently dyed her trademark blonde locks to a burnt red rocked up to the fashion presentation in a green fur coat from Burberry’s latest collection and a pair of black boots and skinny jeans – stylish yet simple and the Sienna style we know and love.

So with Victoria dressing Sienna, could this be the start of a beautiful fashion friendship? We hope so! Paired with a pair of strappy heels, Sienna works this midi dress like no other. We’re pretty sure if we tried to wear something like this, we’d get the usual comments of looking like a tea towel!

Whether we end up looking like a tee towel or not, if it’s good enough for Sienna and Victoria then it’s good enough for us!

Sarah Bradbury