Watch Millie Mackintosh talk Now readers through her debut fashion collection, then shop the lot here!

Mrs Pro Green, AKA Millie Mackintosh, shows Now what her debut fashion collection has to offer and good grief it’s marvellous. We hear you ask: ‘Bloody hell, is it really fit?’ Hells yeah it is!

How on earth will we resist the urge to buy everything? We probably won’t… sorry Mr Bank Manager. 

Not only do we get an EXCLUSIVE little looky at the collection on tape, Millie’s answered all our style prayers and talks us through how to wear it for every occassion. HOO-RAH. 

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1. Date Night with The Prof

‘This is hot! The boho blouse is fun and flirty, I’d add boots to sex it up a bit. Stephen [Prof Green] likes if I show off my legs! And he looks really handsome in a shirt. Date venue? A new restaurant, as a surprise.’


2. Shopping on the KR

‘I LOVE this waistcoat, it’s a modern take on tweed. I’d add a hat, I’m a massive hat fan – blame the English weather! And they just look cool. Tip: Make sure it fits. There’s nothing worse than trying to stop a too big hat blowing off in the breeze!’


2. Sunday brunch

‘This look’s great if you’re a little bit hungover!
I’d add a leather jacket or dressy heels for a night out. I can’t wear
flats, I feel so much better with a heel! I reckon this top will be a


3.  Red carpet (AKA a swanky dinner, IRL!)

‘This skirt
comes in blue too. You could dress it up or down but this top makes it
better for black tie events. I’d add my £8.99 Millie Mackintosh Soho
lashes and a red lip.’ 



inspiration? Me! Is that really selfish!? If you’re going to design a
collection, you may as well make it one you’d want to wear!’

Well, a MASSIVE fashion-sized thanks to the Mac-ster, we can now strut our stuff down the high street or down the local looking Made in Chelsea ready!

Now all we need is the posh car, famous boyf and french bulldog to match….


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