Bikini or swimsuit? Prof Green - or an iPod? Yes, yes Ms Mackintosh gives great summer style - but can she sum it up in 60 seconds? Here goes...

Millie Mackintosh has just launched her second fashion collection. So far, so stylish.

Indeed – you can happily mark this week down as the one when said fashion collection changed the way you live your life.

Okay, we’re being a smidgeon dramatic – but good loird is it a GREAT one – packed with fash fringing, 70s-style smocks and a khaki jacket that has Kate Bosworth written allover it.

‘I’d LOVE Kate Bosworth to wear some of my pieces,’ laughs Millie. ‘Though to be honest even just my friends wearing it is a compliment enough.’

Oh, and any budding brides may wish to check out the maxi and midi cream lace dresses in her collection – both could defo double as a ‘like-totally-bohemian’ wedding gown.

Suffice to say, Ms Mackintosh certainly knows her fashion.

Which is why Now Style Director Gilly Ferguson was positively chomping at the bit (in a fash way, obvs) to quiz Millie on all things style, life, SPF, Stephen, Spanx and smack-downs…

Now sat her down to challenge Millie to pick a favourite, be it Twitter Vs Instagram, Laura Whitmore Vs Rosie Fortescue, Professor Green Vs an iPod as well as such profound questions as: ‘What does love sound like?’ ‘What’s your favourite insult?’ ‘What does it feel like being Millie Mackintosh?’

‘And what one beauty product has CHANGED YOUR LIFE…’

But how did Millie Mackintosh fare? Aside from a few shocks and surprises along the way – including near death experiences, her Spanx habit and why she prefers to sunbathe with an iPod over Stephen – Millie more than earned her style icon status… but did she manage it in #60Seconds? 

No siree! 

Millie we love you, but should you fancy a fashwarn re-match, you know where we are.

Millie Mackintosh Collection is available from – it’s fit, see you at the virtual checkout…