Now tasked the TOWIE boys to style Lydia Bright. But who wins top TOWIE stylist? YOU decide!

What dothe men in your life think of your fashion style? Do you even care!? With most girls admitting to dressing for their mates over their man, Now HQ tasked three of the TOWIE boys to style Lydia Bright to find out what they think looks sexy on a woman.

So, what fashion trends do men rate and what do they hate? And did Lydia like any of it?

WATCH Now’s exclusive video from behind-the-scenes here and then let us know which outfit you like the most


1] Lewis Bloor styles Lydia… Like? #VoteLewis #TOWIETurnOns
Why have you chosen this look Lewis?
‘It’s very girl about town, I’m thinking like she’s a music agent, she’s just signed a new band and she’s off to use the free wifi in a coffee shop, because she’s a frugal music agent too. She looks the nuts!’
What is your biggest fashion turn on?
‘Something a bit more street, urban and some might say… alternative.’
What is your biggest fashion turn off?
‘Copying other people and not having confidence in yourself. Trying to be something that you’re not, otherwise anything goes, I’m not fussy, roll out of bed, roll out of a nightclub, you might come home with me!’
Hat, £26, Urban Outfitters
Necklace, £18, Freedom at Topshop
Shirt, £25, Asos
Bracelet, £12, River Island
Skirt, £50, Lavish Alice
Boots, £85, Office
‘I think this is very Little Mix and it’s very cool and edgy, so I think he’s done well. Mine is still better, but top marks for transforming me though.’
2] Diags styles Lydia. Digging James Diags’ style? #VoteDiags #TOWIETurnOns
What did you dress Lydia in?
‘It’s still summery so I’ve got her some shorts and a top, but it is getting chilly isn’t it, so I’ve given her a long coat to keep her thighs and all that warm and I’ve accessorised it with a beautiful diamondish necklace. If you take the jacket off it’s a bit Jasmine Walia, but it still works, just not in the winter, so keep the coat on.’
Where did your inspiration come from for this outfit?
‘Er, Milan.’
What are your biggest fashion turn ons?
‘Hot pants, because girls look great in them, especially my girlfriend.
What are your biggest fashion turn offs?
‘Itchy jumpers. I don’t like material that’s itchy.’

Necklace, £15, River Island
Top, £9.99, Missguided
Shorts, £17.99, Missguided
Coat, £80, River Island
Boots, £38, River Island 
‘I love it, it is a good outfit, I’m really happy I thought he was going to pick me a pink sparkly dress…’
3] Bobby Norris styles Lydia… Bowled over?#VOTEBobby #TOWIETurnOns

What’s your biggest turn on?
‘In 2014 I love anything fitted. Ooh and a bit of skin on show – #skinisin!’
What’s your biggest turn off?
I can’t bear souvenir T-shirts! I don’t care where your mum, sister or aunty has been, and YES it’s a lousy T-shirt. Waste of money if you ask me get your 5 euros back love.’
What did you dress Lydia in?
‘Well with this outfit I’m thinking New York, I’m thinking hashtag Sex and the City, she’s mooching down Wall Street, shopping in Bloomingdales, she’s gonna have a cosmopolitan for lunch. Or she could also be in Japan, just loving life having a piece of sushi.’

Shirt, £36, Lavish Alice
Trousers, £24.99, Missguided
Bag, £20, River Island
Shoes, £60, Schuh

‘I love this ensemble, I have always said never trust any men in fashion, apart from gay men, I think he’s proved it and pulled it out the bag.’
4] Lydia Bright styles Lydia! Love Lydia? #VOTELydia #TOWIETurnOns

Why have you picked this outfit?
‘I love the style of the dress, It looks very Victoria Beckham inspired and I love her collections. I dress more for women than guys, I think girls will appreciate this dress.’
What do you look for in a guy?

‘A massive six-pack, he has to be tall, tanned, tattooed and have a beard and he’s got to make me laugh.’
What are your fashion turn-ons?
‘Style wise, I like the quirky look, so piercings, brogues, turned up trousers no socks, preppy shirts and bow ties.’
What are your fashion turn offs?

‘I like a guy that’s made an effort, but not too much. I don’t like guys in tracksuits and when they’re too scruffy. Oh sorry Lewis! No your tracksuit that you’re wearing at the moment is cool.’ [NB Everything goes a bit awkward at the shoot]

SHOP! LYDIA’S LOVELY LOOK! (Not that Now are biased or anything!)

Dress, £50, Asos
Shoes, £65, Office

‘Vote for me because I really don’t want to lose against the boys! Yelp!’

… So, who’s the BEST stylist? Do men know better than women when it comes to sexy style!? Is Diags the new Trinny AND Susannah!?

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