Been paid? STOP! Before you shop: Made In Chelsea's Rosie Fortescue has spilled her *top* tips n’ tricks. Don’t even think about going shopping without her

Watch what happens when Now’s Style Director, Gilly Ferguson went shopping with Made In Chelsea‘s Rosie Fortescue around Portobello market.

My shopping uniform? Comfortable! You don’t want to be wearing tights with anything, And too-tight jeans are a no-go, you’re only going to struggle to take them off! I’d wear a loose knit jumper and comfortable shoes – really so that you can go everywhere and shop like mad!’

Dream shopping buddy? My twin sister (Lily) is great, she second-guesses me and is all: ‘Go for it, just get it!’ My Mum’s more rational. And you nightmare!? My dog. I know that’s weird, but I take Noodle sometimes, But when I’m changing, she just sits and looks at you and it’s all a bit weird! Men can be annoying to shop with, if they have good style it’s fun but I went shopping Spencer (Matthews, from MIC)… that was less fun!

…That was you styling him, presumably!?

*WIN* Rosie Fortescue’s entire Pretaportobello MarketSpace look, as modelled in the shopping video below. Just click here to enter.

Do you ever get competitive when out shopping with friends!?
If you shop somewhere like Zara, the chances are that everyone is going to have the same thing eventually! I quite like shopping on my own, then take things home to try them on. That way you get to see what it works with from your own wardrobe, and the mirrors in shops always lie – right!?

How do you plan your outfits for filming Made In Chelsea?

I really don’t overthink it. I dress how I feel when I wake up: sometimes I feel super girly , and sometimes I want to wear something with spikes, studs, and leather – just aggressive spiky jewellery.

… What’s in your bag!?
My phone, my purse, and Charlotte Tilbury anything! At the moment it’s my Nars Red Square Matte Lip Pencil (£18). I have big lips so like to show them off, it’s a really nice orangey-red. It’s perfect for summer or winter.


Do you ‘mood’ shop at all?
Oh yeah, there’s always a reason as to why you shop – happy, sad, stressed – there’s always a way to justify your buy!

What’s top of your SS15 shopping list?
Crochet is adorable. It’s all you want to wear in the summer because it’s really casual, and yet kinda sexy – especially with a bit of bikini showing! That and pastel colours. I don’t suit bright colour so would probably wear a crochet cover up, then add bright detail accessories instead.

It’s clear you love the high street, but do you shop online too?
Obvs I’m a big fan of Pretaportabello MarketSpace – it’s a great way to support designers and brands that not everyone has her of or worn before. It makes it feel more unique and you’re not doing something that everyone else is doing.

Do you shop with a mission?
No, unless I’m off on holiday or something. I prefer to walk past a shop and look in spontaneously. I think if you have pressure on yourself to find something, then it’s worse. I hate that feeling of an unsuccessful shopping trip, it’s SO ANNOYING!

Is there a time of the month that you wouldn’t go shopping?… Not like that!
Haha! I quite like hangover shopping – I always say to myself not to – because you just don’t have that person in your head asking if you need it in your wardrobe. I always find myself going a bit mad. It’s fun and it’s guilt free when you’re hungover, maybe I’m still a bit drunk!

Do you find yourself repeat-buying anything over, and over, and over…?
White shirts! I have over 25. I wear them under a jumper during the day, in the evening with leather trousers – they work layered as collars – you can buttoned them, unbutton them. There are so many ways to wear them, I just can’t help myself…!

It’s a sensible purchase!
I manage to justify it every time I buy a new one – each one of them has a purpose.

Which store has the BEST fitting rooms?
River Island‘s are flattering, but I do always take everything home. I find the lighting in Zara harsh – it doesn’t do anyone any favours. I’d rather buy it, so I can see what it looks like in my mirror. Then take it back if not!

Do you ever do your make up in fitting rooms on the sly?
No. I always do it before I go out, I’m surprisingly speedy! Like today? Took 45 minutes and that’s washing hair, drying it – and doing make up for a shoot. I woke up, I showered, I washed my hair, I dried it, I tonged it – it’s poker straight – I backcombed it first, then I tong it and then I brush through it. If I just tong it and let it dry, it takes about 5 minutes

What products do you swear by?
Because my hair is quite fine, I don’t use that many products, I literally use just hairspray. I love Kerastasé (Elixir Ultime Beautifying Masque, £29.50), and Moroccanoil (£31.85) if it’s feeling a bit dry. I try to mix it up a bit as your hair can get used to certain products, I mix between that and TRESemme (Youth Boost shampoo and conditioner, £5.99 each). I have a few, maybe around 5 different shampoos and conditioners and about 5 different face washes I have in my bathroom.

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