Puffa jackets are back on the high street but would you wear this latest trend?

It’s been seen all over the catwalk and on some of our favourite celebs but would you wear this latest coat trend?

Yes, we’re talking about puffa jackets. That well known 90s coat trend that we thought had been left behind but it seems to be back with a vengeance and coming to a high street store near you.

So would you wear it? We’ve seen it in some of our favourite high street stores and even though we look more like the Michelin Man than Gigi Hadid but a girl can hope!

We are drawn to the idea – it looks incredibly warm and snuggly. Think about it, it will be like walking around in a giant duvet. All day. That dark and gloomy commute to work and early mornings might just become that bit more bearable.

What do you think? Have we sold it to you? Not quite? Well take a look at this gallery of gorgeous jackets that are on a high street near you now!