Yes, the boots are back and they don’t have to be as painful as last season!

Hurrah for Autumn right? We’re all about those layers now – see you later ballet pumps, we’re so excited for boot season!

Knee highs, Chelsea boots and those gorgeous Western style! But the problem with new shoes and boots especially, they can rub in places, which makes us remember why we stopped wearing them in the first place!

But don’t panic! We’ve come up with some foolproof hints and tips on how to wear your boots in and make them as comfortable as your slippers this season!

  1. Remember where they hurt you last time or can you feel where the problem might occur before you even step out the house in them? Then we suggest wearing some blister pads before you’ve even grown some blisters. We can’t get enough of the Compeed collection – portable enough for your handbag and they keep blisters at bay!
  2. When it comes to new boots, not sure if it’s just us but the heel is the worst part?! Are we right? The way it starts off all-nice and the next thing we know is that we have a blister larger than life! Squeezing the heel will help soften them – woo!
  3. Stretching new boots with thick socks is also a great way to wear them in – especially around the house! Next time you’re doing the hovering, washing up or putting the washing out, maybe wear that nice new pair with a pair of your dad’s/boyfriend’s/housemate’s socks.
  4. And when you’re wearing those thick socks, why not use a hair-dryer to help too. Heat softens leather so it will make them soft in no time!
  5. One of the quickest ways to soften up new boots is to put them in the freezer – yeah, we know! Fill two sandwich bags with water and (carefully!) put them inside each of your boots and put them in the freezer overnight and voilà!
  6. So you’ve heading out tonight and none of the above tickle your fancy? Head to your local cobblers – they have a special stretching spray that will sort them and allow you to wear them an hour later! Result!