Kim Kardashian posted a selfie last week and has now revealed the dress was a bargain!

Whoever says Kim Kardashian is a diva clearly hasn’t seen her recent Instagram post.

She might be used to head-to-toe designer gear and outfits dripping with diamonds, but that doesn’t mean Kim doesn’t love a bargain – as proven by her £12 dress!

Kim, 34, met husband Kanye West, 37, for ‘date night’ last week and posted a bathroom mirror selfie of her outfit onto Instagram. The knee-length, long-sleeved, beige dress hugged Kim‘s every curve perfectly. And now she’s revealed, in another Instagram pic of her wearing the dress, that she bought the dress online for $19 – that’s just £12 to me and you!

I wore this look the other night on my date night (got this dress online for $19) and put my fave Max Mara coat on top for NYC,’ she wrote.

Kim‘s date night with Kanye was well-overdue, after the couple spent three weeks apart over Thanksgiving. Kim was busy travelling America for promotional appearances and spent Thanksgiving in LA with her family; while Kanye was flying around for concerts, spending Thanksgiving on a plane to Paris, where he would join friends.

It’s obvious that Kim has been missing Kanye – she recently tweeted, ‘My MCM goes to my BFF & husband! Miss you baby! #HurryHome #GoodLuckTonight‘ – but the pair have kept quiet about on-going rumours of marriage trouble, caused by their busy, conflicting schedules.

A source said: ‘Kanye asked Kim to go to Paris, but she wanted to spend time with her family. He later flew off the handle, arguing that she hides behind her family and doesn’t always act like a proper wife. Now Kim is worried if things don’t improve she could be heading for another divorce.’

As well as this, Kanye is said to be a little hacked off by THAT famous bum picture. ‘The bottom pictures have definitely caused a rift,’ the source said. ‘Kim and Kanye are clashing over Kim‘s career and Kanye‘s desire to be in charge.’ Yikes!

Well, if you won’t spill on your alleged marriage troubles, at least tell us where your dress is from Kim! Finally, a Kardashian look in our price range…

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