She’s worth millions so surely Kim Kardashian can afford clothes, right?

Oh Kim Kardashian – how we’re obsessed with you. Your family, your life, house, gorgeous children and of course, husband in Mr Kanye West. But we’re really obsessing over your wardrobe and your need to dress naked.

You’re worth millions so surely you can afford clothes and decent ones at that!? So why do you constantly leave the house naked?! To be fair, if we looked half as good as you do wearing barely anything, we might be naked too – though our boss might not be too pleased. But our boyf’s might be…

For hitting the town without a bra on, to rocking the red carpet with her nipples on show – are these Kim Kardashian’s most naked looks to date? We think they could be and looking at her wardrobe history, it won’t be the last. Kim‘s known to be one to free the nipple and with pride.

Kim’s a mother of two children, North aged 4 and little Saint, aged 1 year and 7 months. For a 36 year old women, we salute you Kim for rocking that post baby body with pride!

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Kim Kardashian has been married to Kanye West for 3 years and he often influences her style. She relies on him and his knowledge to guide her wardrobe and shopping habits. Now where do we find ourselves a boyfriend like that?!

Judge her if you will be we think Kim looks amazing and we’re still utterly obsessed with her wardrobe, whether she chooses to wear it all or not.