We blubbed our eyes out at Fathers And Daughters– this is why you’ll love Amanda Seyfried and Aaron Paul’s new weepy drama


Yes, the nights are drawing in. It’s getting cold and wet and windy! Gah! But while that sounds a little miserable, it does mean there’s all the more reason to do some film-binges!

This month sees the release of some fabulous movies and after having been treated to a sneak-peek of Fathers And Daughters – we’ve become a little obsessed.  And this is why you will be, too.

  1. It’s got Aaron Paul in it. You know, Jesse from Breaking Bad

And this time he’s not playing a crystal meth-cooking crook in baggy jeans, but a ROMANTIC role. Yes, for real! We all fell in love with Aaron in Breaking Bad, but this takes our crush to a whole new level. And he scrubs up SO well when he’s not wearing his meth-making mask, too.

  1. Russell Crowe looks pretty fit in it, too

Russ plays a grizzled, grey, tortured writer with a dad bod in the film and we’ve never fancied him more. He’s ageing well. And we aren’t ashamed to admit it.


  1. It’s got a great storyline

We won’t give away too much – but the story revolves around Katie (Amanda Seyfried) and her relationship with her dad, Jake (Russell Crowe). After tragedy strikes, Katie finds it hard to ever love again. And whatever your relationship is like with you own father, it won’t fault to strike a chord with you.

  1. It’ll have you crying all over the shop

We cried approximately 17 times and that was in the first half hour. This film is a The Notebook-style weepy, for real. If you need a tension release or you’ve got boy woes, this is the one to get those tears out. Our charkas feel WELL realigned now, or something.

  1. It’s directed by Gabriele Muccino

He’s the guy behind stuff like The Pursuit Of Happyness, one of our favourite Will Smith films ever. If you know how emosh The Pursuit Of Happyness is, then you’ll know how heartbreakingly good Fathers And Daughters will be.

  1. We’re obsessed with Amanda Seyfried

Those eyes, those blue, blue eyes! How we wish we looked like her. And lived in her Brooklyn apartment in the film. And, you know, got to get jiggy with Cameron (Aaron Paul).


Enough said.

Fathers And Daughters is in cinemas on Friday November 13.