Ever wanted to bring a bit more Star Wars to your fishing rod? Well, now you can.


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… somebody thought it would be a good idea to make a pair of Chewbacca-inspired Crocs. And then a Star Wars-themed fishing rod.

Today, September 4, has been dubbed #ForceFriday as a new range of Star Wars merchandise was unveiled in shops around the world – with many opening in the middle of the night so die-hard fans could get their hands on them.

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The merchandise, which includes new figurines, has been released in advance of the new film Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, which opens in cinemas on December 18.

But not all Star Wars merchandise is a plain old figurine. If you’ve ever wanted to wear Yoda on your feet, bring the animals of the Star Wars universe to life via your dog, or even make sure you’re protected during those, ahem, passionate moments, there’s a Star Wars-themed object to meet all your needs.

We’ve scoured the internet to find the weirdest, which we’ve popped into a handy gallery above. Warning – some are NSFW!