Matt Damon is currently filming the latest film in the Bourne franchise, and he's looking great


‘Bourne is back!’ That’s what producer Frank Marshall reckons, anyway – and looking at Matt Damon‘s pumped physique on set of the new sequel, we’d have to agree.

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The producer tweeted a picture of Matt Damon looking toned on the set of the new, as-yet untitled sequel, and announced that the first day of principal photography is complete.

We can’t believe Matt’s mansformation! Only last year, he was looking considerably bulkier, but there’s no doubt he’s shaped up for his latest outing as Jason Bourne. Now, we don’t want to cast any negativity on proceedings, but things must be getting quite intense if Matt’s already injured his hand and having to make do with a dirty bandage on the first day of filming!

No details about the sequel – which will be the fifth instalment of the franchise – have been released yet; the title and the plot are still under wraps. But judging by Matt’s muscles, it should be full of plenty of action!