Now's expert reveals why your Jan plan might not be working

Tried everything but still not seeing results? Now’s sports nutritionist expert Ollie Frost busts a few myths..

No carbs after 6pm

Thought night-time spuds were hindering your progress? Think again. ‘Your body doesn’t recognise the time your body takes on carbohydrates. Calories are the overriding factor for

weight gain within a 24-hour period,’ says Ollie, adding that carbs are vital for energy. ‘Include sweet potato, oats, rice and wholegrains.’

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Alcohol doesn’t count

We LOVE a glass of prosecco (or five) but booze can play havoc with your waistline. ‘When you drink, your body has to metabolise alcohol before body fat,’ says Ollie. ‘The more you

drink, the longer your body spends breaking down toxins from alcohol instead of burning fat.’

Protein makes you bulky

No way! Protein makes us feel fuller, helping to control hunger. ‘Protein is responsible for muscle repair and the production of lean muscle mass for a more defined shape,’ says Ollie.

‘Women produce very small amounts of testosterone, so it’s difficult for protein to turn into bulky muscle tissue.’

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Going vegan will make me thin

There are several reasons people cut out all animal produce from their diet. Losing weight shouldn’t be one of them. ‘The main reason for losing weight is energy balance, so it doesn’t

matter if you’re on a vegan diet or not,’ says Ollie. ‘If you are on a vegan diet, include protein sources such as lentils, beans and pulses to help preserve muscle tissue and regulate


Healthy in the week, binge at the weekend

‘Sadly, weekends aren’t magical, calorie-free days,’ says Ollie. ‘Eating well in the week to create a calorie deficit is great, but you can easily undo your hard work with pizza and

ice-cream. Try not to see food as a treat. Nourish your body with the food it needs to perform at its best.’

‘I won’t be happy until I’ve got the perfect body’

Focus on realistic goals for yourself and prioritise health and wellbeing over aesthetics. Ollie says: ‘Never compare yourself to others. Nutritious foods and exercise will

stand you in good stead for life. Bikini models on Instagram do not look like that all year round!’