It happens to the best of us. Here's how to cure the bloat...

Christmas means FOOD and lots of it. Avoid that dreaded ‘tight’ feeling by following the advice of nutrition therapist Ian Marber…

BLOB: Ease the bloat

Celebrity Personal Trainer Ramona Braganza recommends trying out a yoga pose.

‘Child’s pose is a great way to compress your intestinal tract and can help push gases through the digestive system. Kneel on all fours, lower your hips back and down until they are resting on your

feet, bend forward to rest torso on legs as you reach you arms forward on the ground.’

Caroline Flack does yoga


It ain’t easy but Ian reckons the easiest way to avoid bloat is to limit your meal size. ‘You can still enjoy whatever’s on offer but have small portions so that you have a better chance of feeling

comfortable later,’ he says.

Don’t go raw

It might be one of this year’s biggest food trends, but raw food, such as crudités, isn’t the best option if you want to stay looking slim in your LBD. Ian explains: ‘The dense fibre is hard to break

down, leading to larger particles of unbroken food causing fermentation and creating gas. Lightly steamed vegetables are better and easier to break down.’


Don’t just wolf it down. Chewing allows saliva to start the initial stage of digestion so food reaches the stomach in manageable lumps. What’s more, in the stomach food is mixed with a powerful

acid that further breaks it down. Smaller pieces mean more food is exposed to the acid. Try chewing each mouthful 35 times. Trust us, it works!

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Pop an enzyme

Ian reveals: ‘Several enzymes break down food along the way. You can find a supplement of digestive enzymes in health stores. Take one when eating a larger meal to enhance digestion and reduce

subsequent bloating.’

Be warned, though – never take these apart from with food as they can cause heartburn.

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Drink WITH food

No need to avoid the booze completely – just be savvy. ‘Alcohol can exacerbate bloating as the sugars in mixers or wine lead to fermentation. Drink alcohol with food, not beforehand or on an

empty stomach.’

Watch your mixers

Coke, lemonade etc all contain carbon dioxide gas that can make bloating feel more apparent. Always drink slowly and in moderation.


● Sugars and artificial sweeteners


● Alcohol – although red and dry white wines contain fewer sugars

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● Beans and legumes

● Brussels sprouts (we won’t miss those!)

● Fruit juice and smoothies


● Fermented foods like sauerkraut

● Soups – nutrient rich vegetables that are well cooked

● Plain live yogurt