Now spoke to an expert about making your breasts a priority...

This year, three women every minute across the world will be told they have breast cancer.* Now gets the lowdown on inspecting our boobs…

When? Where? How often?

It’s time to make your breasts a priority, ladies. Eluned Hughes, Head of Public Health and Information at Breast Cancer Now explains: ‘There’s no special technique. Get into the habit of checking your breasts regularly, perhaps in the bath or shower or while you’re getting dressed in the morning.’ If you notice any changes, get checked out by your doctor. Although most changes aren’t cancer, it’s best to be sure.


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Touch, Look, Check

So what should we be looking for? ‘Most people know to look for a lump, but there are other important things to check for too,’ says Eluned. ‘There could be a change to the size or shape of the breast. There could even be a change to skin texture; you might see or feel dimpling or puckering. ‘Look for any change in the appearance or direction of the nipple, nipple discharge and any rash or crusting.’

The Stats

l Around five out of six women diagnosed today will be alive in five years’ time.
l 40 years ago, only around half of women survived for five years or more.
l Age is a factor – four out of five cases are in women over 50.

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Your boobs are your own

Eluned explains: ‘Everyone’s breasts are different and they can change with age and at different times of the month. Get to know how your breasts normally look and feel so it’s easier to spot if there are any unusual changes for you.’

*Breast Cancer Now

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