Olympic gold medallist Nicola Adams shares her secrets

Olympic gold medallist boxer Nicola Adams, 34, rocks killer abs and a super strong body. Here, she shares her fitness secrets.

Nicola’s Stats

HEIGHT: 5ft 6in

WEIGHT: 8 stone


Hey Nicola! Obviously you box, but how else do you keep fit?

I train three times a day, five times a week. I have a run in the morning; the longest is three miles but I have to do it in under 22 minutes so I’m running at a decent pace. I also do strength and conditioning workouts to build my physically strength.

What kind of moves does that involve?

In boxing, the power comes from your legs so I practice squats and I use the leg press. For arms, I do pull ups and press-ups.

What about those days where you just don’t want to exercise?

When I get those days I think about my opponent and remember they’re coming for everything I’ve got. That gets me moving!

Let us in on your one killer workout move…

I like pull ups. It depends on the workout but I can add 25kgs to my pulls ups and do about six sets of four reps.

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What’s your guilty food pleasure?

Cakes, especially a simple sponge cake and I love muffins. I go out and buy them but not that often when I’m training.

Do you drink much alcohol?

Only really after a victory. I love cocktails like mojitos and pina coladas! I always have a nice meal with my family after a fight.

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Nicola’s food diary

Ashton Turner, Nutritionist at London’s Evolve, gives his verdict on her daily diet

BREAKFAST: Toast with 3 scrambled egg whites

ASHTON SAYS: I never really understand why people take out the best bit of the egg and only use the whites. The yolk is full of healthy fats the body needs. This could be under recommendation from a nutritionist to keep calories lower if Nicola is looking to make weight for a fight.

Cals: 250

LUNCH: Chicken, vegetables and rice

ASHTON SAYS: A really good balanced meal to help Nicola’s training. Carbs from rice (yes carbs are OK to eat ladies!) will provide her with the energy she needs to train. Chicken provides a good source of protein to help repair and rebuild muscles and veg provides vitamins and minerals to stay healthy.

Cals: 600

DINNER: Tomato soup on its own

ASHTON SAYS: Absolutely nothing wrong with tomato soup. However, it doesn’t provide many calories or protein on its own. Not the worst dinner but definitely better options out there.

Cals: 200

SNACKS: Protein bar

ASHTON SAYS: Good high protein snack for on-the-go and less sugar than a chocolate bar yet can still satisfy that sweet tooth.

Cals: 218

Total cals: 1268

Ashton’s verdict: For an elite level athlete I would have expected to see calories much higher unless Nicola is trying to make weight, then a lower calorie diet may be necessary for the short term. Meal choices aren’t terrible but with a few tweaks could be made much better.

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