Free lunch hour? Chloe Madeley on how to shed that holiday weight....

At Now, we’re all about making health and fitness part of our lifestyle. It should fit in nicely with our day-to-day, without being a chore or a bore. But what about when you’ve come back from an all inclusive holiday and you’re feeling and looking a little bit erm…out of shape. Breakfast pastries, poolside cocktails and all-day snacking…sadly, it all racks up.

Hallelujah then that fitspo Chloe Madeley knows a thing or two about getting in shape and burning off the holiday weight. Taking to Instagram story, the fitness professional shared a clip of her at the gym, explaining how you can shed ‘holiday gains’ at lunch!

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Yup, if you’ve got a spare lunch hour and want to make the most of your time, then try this…

Chloe explains that you can choose to do either 40 minutes, 30 minutes or 20 minutes of exercise. The time you choose will then affect the intensity. Shorter the time, the higher the intensity of your work. Simple. Do this four to six times per week.

It’s going to be a tough few months for Chloe who has revealed that she’s working towards various photo shoots and wants to be in peak physical shape. This means an intense gym routine and super strict diet.

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Taking to her online blog, Fitness Fondue, Chloe admitted that she’s 10lbs heavier than she was a month ago following holidays and eating whatever and whenevr she wanted.  To drop the weight she is now doing 30 mins MISS (Moderate Intensity Steady State Cardio) every morning, weight lifting every evening followed by 20mins HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and a three day low, 1 day high carb cycle.

Honestly, not sure if we could be so devoted but all we gotta say is, DAMNNN GIRL! If it means we could look like this though, we might reconsider…

We’re sure Chloe will be keeping us updated with her regime and we can’t wait!