Be careful at your next BBQ...

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably not too keen on the idea of eating six McDonald’s Big Macs in one sitting. One is good, two is a LOT, but SIX!? That’s pretty extreme.

Annnoyingly though, many of us are eating this much without even realising. (FYI -that’s around 3,200 calories.)



New research has revealed that Brits are set to overeat by 300 per-cent during the summer dining season with one British BBQ massively raising our daily calorie intake.

Hidden saturated-fats and sugars in some of our favourite summer dishes could be contributing to excess weight and expanding waistlines, say Weight Watchers, who surveyed the habits of 2,000 Brits at the average BBQ or picnic.

When you take into consideration that the average Brit attends a minimum of five BBQs or picnics during the summer, then it’s easy to see why we can’t seem to squeeze ourselves into our skinny jeans. In fact, we’re set to consume enough saturated fat in meat alone, to fill TWO Olympic- sized swimming pools. That’s 3,054,429 litres. Gross.

It’s not just meat though. Alcohol, cheese and condiments are also big contributors to summer calorie intake. The survey has revealed that the UK is set to drink the equivalent of two and a half million bags of sugar in alcohol.

Joe Wicks The Body Coach shows us how he makes his tasty #LeanIn15 food videos!

Feeling sick yet? These are the top 10 summer food items with the most saturated fats, sugar and salts…so watch out!

1.     Halloumi
2.     Fizzy soft drinks
3.     Fruit juice
4.     Bitter beer (3.7% vol)
5.     Tomato ketchup
6.     BBQ sauce
7.     Ice cream
8.     Mackerel
9.     Sausage rolls
10.  Coleslaw
11.  Marinades

Want to keep your weight in check this summer? Follow these simple tips from Weight Watchers for healthier al-fresco dining…

Portion size!

It can be really easy to lose track of how many plates you’ve had when there’s a continuous flow of food, meaning you’re more likely to eat more than you usually would.

food cravings gif

Pace yourself

Be careful with crisps, dips and other nibbles; you could be filling up on empty calories and missing out on healthier options.

Do a swap

Swap higher-fat dips like humus and cheese and chive for low-fat Greek yoghurt or pick up an avocado and make home-made guacamole.

Get scooping

Scoop out the middle of burger buns and other rolls and fill the space with lean meats and veg, reducing your intake of empty carbohydrates.

*Weight Watchers’ research surveyed 2,000 men and women across the UK with OnePoll.