Revamp your fitness regime with these simple tweaks...

Low cal diets and endless workouts not getting you the results you want? Andy Hedley, Personal Trainer at circuit based HIIT training concept, Speedflex, reveals the simple mistakes wrecking your results.

Not eating ENOUGH

Food is fuel, ladies! Andy explains: ‘A lot of people believe low calorie diets will help them lose fat. Although initially this may help, it also weakens metabolism and can have an adverse effect on our hormonal balances.’ He adds: ‘As you reach a plateau you’ll begin to gain fat all over again.’

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Not training with purpose

You CAN teach your body to adopt a particular routine; it’s all in the mind!

Andy explains: ‘The body only changes if given a continuous reason to do so. One set of leg raises won’t get you abs; you must tell your body that it will have to do leg raises every other day.’

‘Once your body represents this as habitual it will make improvements so the exercise doesn’t hurt as much in the future. As you make the exercise more difficult you continuously force your body to improve and adapt.’


Giving up too early

Don’t expect to see results straight away when you embark on a fitness regime. As Andy says, ride it out and you will reap the rewards. It takes time for your body to adjust to change.

Not perfecting your form

‘People often focus more on completing an exercise than they do optimising it; there’s a huge difference between doing 10 squats as quickly as you can with a minimal range of motion, than doing a full range of motion focusing on the contraction in their legs,’ reveals Andy. Basically, if your form is right, you’ll see greater results AND limit your chances of injury. Winner!


Training on an empty stomach

Another excuse to eat! Andy tells Now: ‘Certain muscle fibres are used when we lift weights or do high intensity training’ these fibres require fuel from food. Without that fuel your body creates its own by breaking down current muscle tissue.’

Light cardio sessions like jogging, are an exception but if you’re whacking out super intense workouts in a fasted state, you’ll see results far more slowly.

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Never taking time out

‘Rest days won’t make you fat, they’ll keep you fit! Andy adds: Rest days are vital for the body so it can recover and repair otherwise our bodies will eventually burn out leading to muscle loss