Want to beat the bloat and rock a slim stomach? Here's how to do it in just one day!

Painful, distended stomach, excessive wind, non-stop burps… being bloated is NEVER fun. Whether you’ve got a hot date, an upcoming beach holiday or simply want to feel better in yourself, here are some simple ways to look and feel slimmer, FAST

24 Hour De-Bloat Plan…

In a rush to look slimmer? Liana Bonadio, Technical Nutritionist at NutriCentre shares her round-the-clock tips…

7.00 – Start the day with a daily live culture supplement

Having this before breakfast can help balance gut flora and help with digestion.


7:15 – Drink up!

Top your bottle up throughout the day, and try to drink 30 minutes before each meal. Good hydration aids your body in digesting food, and ensures that stools are soft and easy to pass.

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7:45 – Oats for breakfast

Including oats in your diet provides you with fibre and an increase in faecal bulk, to aid in regular elimination.

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13:00 – Don’t skip lunch!

Try wraps made with lettuce leaves. Use tuna or prawns as your base and add any of the following:

Alfalfa, bean sprouts, green beans, capsicum, carrot, cucumber, tomato, courgette and add your favourite herbs. These foods leave you feeling full, without feeling bloated!

15:00 – Peppy-tea time

Peppermint as a tea or supplement has an anti-spasmodic and calming effect. This helps any gas that may be present in your gut to escape.

17:30 – Exercise after work

Getting your body moving also gets your bowels moving. Exercising helps to move any trapped gas along on its way and tighten up stomach muscles.

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18:30 – Dinner

Try grilled chicken or salmon with stir-fried peppers and tomato.

19:00 – Eat…charcoal!

Try a charcoal supplement after your meal. Activated charcoal is able to absorb around a hundred times its own weight in toxin and may help reduce excessive bloating.

21:30 – Calming chamomile

Sip on a chamomile tea before bed. Not only does it help you relax, it supports healthy digestion too.

Fight fat with food!

 Chilli: Capsaicin in chillis encourages our body to burn up calories rather than storing them. Studies also show that chilli may help to decrease your appetite too! Indian, anyone?

Green Tea: Contains a wealth of antioxidants, including a powerful substance that can boost metabolism.

Caffeine: Boosts your metabolism by up to 3-11%, which may aid in weight loss.