Josie Gibson shares her top-to-toe health secrets.


TV star Josie Gibson, 31, looks pretty phenomenal right now. We caught up with her to find out exactly how she does it….


HEIGHT: 5ft 11in

WEIGHT: ‘Don’t know’


Hey Josie! What’s your favourite workout?

HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training). So that’s doing different bodyweight exercises like burpees. I don’t do it as often as I should – maybe three times a week!

Y’no when people go pumping weights? I don’t think it looks very nice!

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How do you motivate yourself?

I like being active and I just enjoy it.

When do you feel most body confident?

After I’ve exercised. When I’ve had a really good week of exercising I feel really lovely. I feel like a better human being!

Josie Gibson

Have you got a favourite body part?

(pauses). That’s hard! I like my hands. Without your hands, where would you be? (laughs).

True! What about least favourite?

I’ve got so many.

(Now eye rolls…)

I’d say my tummy. I’ve got a lot of loose skin from my weight loss. Some days I love everything, some days I don’t.

What’s your guilty food pleasure?

Ferrero Rochers. I have them every week! I eat green and clean 80 per-cent of the time and cheat 20 per-cent of the time.

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How about tipple of choice?

Gin, tonic and elderflower. Sometimes I can go two weeks without drinking but it’s been festival season…(laughs).

Josie’s food diary

Now’s expert sports nutritionist Ollie Frost gives his verdict on her daily diet

BREAKFAST- Two eggs, smoked salmon, spinach and a whole avocado.

OLLIE SAYS: Eggs are one of the worlds healthiest foods and make you feel full for longer. One large egg supplies 6g of high quality protein and a large variety of essential nutrients. Smoked salmon and avocado also contain good amounts of dietary fat.

Cals: 513

LUNCH- Butterbean salad with dry coleslaw, broccoli and vegetables.

OLLIE SAYS: Lentils and beans are high in protein to help build lean muscle tissue and aid recovery from strenuous exercise or day-to-day life stress. Broccoli is also a good source of vitamin B1, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for inflammation in the body.

Cals: 480

DINNER – Courgette lasagne with courgette, diced vegetables and vegan cheese (made with cashew nuts and almond milk).

OLLIE SAYS: Courgette is a great way to increase the volume of food in a meal without the additional calories. Substituting starchy foods with vegetables may help reduce bloating and gut related issues in the body. A portion of beef could be added to this meal to increase protein.

Cals: 450

mr bean eat gif

SNACKS – Banana, three Ferrero Rocher

OLLIE SAYS: Bananas are not only high in energy but they’re also a good mood booster. A few chocolates a-day are fine if this helps you to stay on track with a healthy eating plan. Healthy eating should be looked at as a lifestyle not a restrictive eating regime.

Cals: 210


OLLIE’S VERDICT: Josie’s diet is well balanced with a nice mix between protein and fats, however her overall carbohydrates are low. To easily boost her carb count she could reduce the amount of fat at breakfast and include a piece of sourdough bread. Josie could also include a small amount of wholemeal pasta for dinner.

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