Can't stop nibbling? THIS could be why...

Sometimes, we just cannot stop eating! What’s more, it’s not just because we want to pick at food, it’s because we are genuinely hungry.

But, why? Well, nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert has revealed a list of foods that instead of filling us up, actually make us HUNGRIER.


Although they may  be healthy, the fact they’re liquid-based means there is a real lack of fibre and protein, two things that help to fill us up.

Chewing food is also said to satisfy a rumbling belly, preventing us from overeating later on.

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Our favourite crunchy snack! Annoyingly though, crisps are packed with salt which actually trigger hunger signals. Try veggie sticks and hummus instead.

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Low in calories, high in vitamins but the lack of protein, fibre and sugar in the dressings can mean they often leave us craving more food. Ensure your salad contains a protein source too such as chicken or fish and perhaps some healthy carbs including quinoa.


SO tasty  but the fact that these bars are usually SO sugary, means they make us want to eat more, and more, and more! Make your own healthy bars OR opt for a protein-based snack instead such as chicken slices or a protein shake.

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You know those nights where you’re drinking, and suddenly a super food craving comes on? (We’re talking late night kebabs…)

Well, according to Rihannon, alcohol makes our brains want to eat more. She suggests opting for red wine which is lower in sugars.

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You’d think that a hearty sarnie would fill you up. But, no. Rihannon explains that many of them are very un-balanced. White bread contains little nutritional value and un-generous fillings leave us feeling peckish. Ensure your sandwich is made with wholegrain bread and that there is a big portion of a protein-based filling.