Sweating happens to all of us but there a few things you can do to make it less of a ballache

Hardly the sexiest subject but the average person can produce up to one litre of sweat a day*! Now wanted to know more so we enrolled the help of Dr Amber Akhter, GP and Dermatology Specialist.

Why, why, WHY!?

No, really; WHY!? Exercise, alcohol, stress, hormones, spicy food; just some of the obvious sweat triggers. Amber explains: ‘Sweating cools our bodies down in a process called Thermoregulation.

‘Our brain sends a message to our sweat glands when we  feel hot and they release a clear fluid made up of salt and minerals. This fluid evaporates off our skin, cooling us down’.



Sweat is GOOD!

‘Sweating protects the body from overheating. It expels toxins, alcohol and excess salt, detoxifying the body and keeping it healthy,’ says Amber who also reveals that sweat unclogs pores AND eliminates blackheads. Not all bad then…

Shrink The Sweat

Amber shares her top stay-dry tips…

  1. Use antiperspirants instead of deodrants as these block the sweat glands instead of just masking the smell of sweat.
  1. Choose breathable, lightweight fabrics such as cotton. Wearing black or white clothes disguises signs of sweating.
  1. Change footwear and socks often and keep feet dry.
  1. If stress or anxiety is making you sweat more, practice breathing and relaxation exercises.
  1. Prescription strength antiperspirants are available through your GP; they contain high levels of Aluminium Chloride, which reduces sweat but can irritate the skin so avoid sensitive areas.
  1. Iontophoresis is a treatment thought to help block the sweat glands. It exposes the affected area of skin to a weak electric current passed through water or a wet pad.
  1. Botox injected into the areas that are causing excessive sweating is very effective and can last several months.

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When to get help…

If you feel you sweat too much and it’s affecting your everyday life, you may have Hyperhidrosis. See your GP as there is treatment available.

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Apply antiperspirant before bed when sweat production is low rather than in the morning; this allows time for the ingredients to form a plug in the sweat glands.