Eat, sleep, rave, repeat…but look after yourself!

Festival season is upon us, and we could not be more excited! Music, friends, drinks…it’s what summer is all about. But, it’s also a time where a lot can go wrong. We spoke to the experts to ensure festival season is safe season!

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

In 2013 just over 446,000 new cases of STDs were diagnosed in England.

Amber Akhter GP and Dermatology Specialist explains: ‘It’s important to keep your wits about you at festivals; using condoms can significantly reduce getting an STD.’

If you’ve had unprotected sex get yourself checked out at a STD clinic as you may not have any symptoms.


Bodily Bacteria

Keep a small bottle of sanitiser in your bumbag and apply generously to hands before and after using the toilet and before handling food.

Lack of sanitation, tight shorts, dirty undies; it’s a recipe for a down-there disaster

Amber recommends wearing loose fitting cotton pants, to allow the vagina to breathe and using un-perfumed, alcohol free baby wipes to wash the outside of the vagina. Clear or slightly cloudy discharge is normal, a sign that your vagina is self-cleaning.


Eat Right

What you eat has a huge influence on your 24/7 party stamina. Nutritionist Cassandra Burns says it’s best to avoid burnt barbecued meat and sugary foods, as these can worsen your hangover. Look for meals that come with salad or vegetables, and try to eat fresh fruit between meals, for fibre and vitamin C.’

How to eat takeaway festival food AND avoid weight gain!

Dry Mouth

Drink water ‘little and often’ to stay hydrated. Cassandra adds: ‘On average women should be drinking around 1.6 litres a day but if it’s hot and sweaty, you may need more. If your urine is a dark colour and has a strong smell then this is a sign that you’re dehydrated.’

Booze Rules

Don’t be THAT passed-out-in-a-corner-by-midday friend. ‘Eat a carbohydrate rich meal before drinking to line the stomach and avoid unlabelled drinks such as homemade brews or scrumpy,’ says Amber.

Oh, and ladies? Don’t keep up the rounds with your male friends as women process alcohol very differently to men!

[GIF] Kirsten drinking

The next morning…

…Drink a Virgin Mary! Amber says: ‘Tomato juice has nutrients that boost liver function to help process alcohol toxins. It is rich in sodium and potassium, which can help hangover symptoms.’