From heels to stress, sort your posture out and you'll look 10 feet tall!

Matt Bolam, personal trainer at HIIT training concept Speedflex, on posture problems…

High Heels

They can make your calves become short and tight and make you more susceptible to ankle injuries.

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If you’re at your desk, take your heels off and keep feet flat on the floor. Wear a flat shoe that you can easily spread your toes in when you can. Try to save heels for special occasions.


Heavy Handbags

That bag you lug around every day, filled with ‘essentials’? It’s causing more damage than you think.

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Regularly switch the arm you’re carrying your handbag on to avoid putting one side of your body under constant strain. Opt for a backpack when possible and wear both straps.

Mobile Phones

Look up, ladies! Staring down at your phone all day creates craning in the neck and rounding in the shoulders.

9 ways to go from stressed to serene!

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Keep your neck and shoulders in line with your body. Keep your biceps facing up with your thumbs pointing upwards too. This keeps shoulders in a good position.


The posture we adopt can affect our emotions, thoughts and energy levels. A slouched position may increase feelings of negativity, in addition to neck and shoulder soreness.

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Reduce stress by doing energising activities. Instead of being slumped on the sofa in the evenings, get out in the fresh air and breathe deeply.

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Bad Weight-training Form

Often people will train muscles they can only see in the mirror, leading to rounding in the shoulders, forward tilt in the neck and hips and poor posture.

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Member of a gym? Ask a trainer for some advice on perfecting your form. They can also write you a programme to work your muscles the right way.


Desk job

Sitting all day long has an impact on our posture and overall health. Issues include neck, knee and back pain, a tight chest, shoulders and hips, weight gain and
muscle degeneration.

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Move for two mins every 30 mins. Take a stroll, chat to a colleague – you know the drill!