Sometimes life can get FAR too chaotic. Stay calm and in control with these easy tips…

We all hit those moments where stress takes over. From work problems to relationship dramas, there are a few easy ways to keep your cool…

1. Ditch Caffeine

Katie Pande, Herbal Advisor for Pukka Herbs, says: ‘Highly caffeinated and sugary drinks can exhaust our adrenal glands. Opt for matcha green teas that boost energy without causing us to crash.’


2. Drink up!

Knocking back two litres of water a day might seem daunting, so why not sip on herbal teas too? Our cells work best when the body is properly hydrated.


3. Protein power

Nutritionist Cassandra burns tells Now: ‘Eating protein foods with every meal helps to balance blood sugar and keep your brain and body calm.’ Try eggs for breakfast, and for lunch, add chicken or fish to a salad with brown rice.

4. Calming Herbs

Support your adrenal glands with stress-busting herbal remedies. Katie recommends using Ashwagandha, which has been shown to help the body adapt to physical and emotional stress. It also helps improve sleep by calming down stress hormones that disrupt sleep patterns.

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5. Don’t skip meals

Eating little and often helps to maintain sustained energy levels preventing energy crashes throughout the day.

6. Switch off

Allow some brain ‘down-time’ at least one hour before bed. Katie suggests turning off your computer and mobile phone and taking five minutes to meditate with the help of some relaxing essential oils.


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7. Exercise, LESS

At stressful times, scale back on intense exercise. ‘Pushing yourself to the max puts more stress on your body,’ explains Cassandra. ‘Instead, take a walk outside in nature, which can have a grounding and relaxing effect.’

8. Happy Gut

Start munching on natural, probiotic foods. Cassandra says: ‘There’s a direct connection between brain and gut so stress can affect digestion and has been shown to alter the balance of healthy bacteria in the gut.’ Keep your gut happy by eating foods that contain friendly bacteria, such as sauerkraut, or kefir (a traditional fermented milk drink), or take a probiotic supplement.

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 9. …and breathe…

Try listening to a yoga nidra recording before bed. This form of meditation doesn’t involve any physical yoga but simply listening and focusing the attention on different parts of the body in rotation, to help relax body and mind.