Olympic gold medallist Victoria Pendleton shares her health secrets

Olympic gold medallist Victoria Pendleton, 36, is no stranger to working out and eating well. Now caught up with her to find out all about her healthy lifestyle…

Victoria’s Stats

HEIGHT: 5ft 4in
WEIGHT: 8st 8lb

Hey Victoria! What’s your favourite way to work out?

At home I’ve got a Pilates reformer, squat rack, kettlebells, TRX and kick bags. I just freestyle it. I know how much I need to do in the time frame and the muscles I should work together.

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How often do you work out?

About four times a week in the gym. I work at a racing yard so I ride horses six mornings a week, which is a lot of physical work.

We bet! What’s your favourite body part and why?

When I was an athlete, my thighs and bum; they were the tools of my trade. Now, I’d probably say my arms. Horse riding has toned them.

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Do you feel in sync with your body?

It’s about balancing work, home, the food you eat, recovery, sleep, relaxation. I feel my best after the gym. I appreciate that keeping fit and healthy is something that makes me feel good. I genuinely enjoy the process, it’s my me time.

Have you got a guilty food pleasure?

I do like a bit of chocolate. I tend to pick a really dark chocolate as I can justify it in my mind. I have chocolate three times a week.

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Do you take any supplements?

I used to take protein supplements and meal replacements as an athlete but the only thing I use these days is an iron supplement if I’m feeling a bit flat or fatigued.

Victoria’s food diary

Now’s expert sports nutritionist Ollie Frost gives his verdict on her daily diet

Fitspo Clean Eating Alice reveals the ONE food to help you sleep tonight


Homemade muesli (seeds, goji berries, nuts) with almond milk and a piece of fruit.


OLLIE SAYS: Creating your own muesli guarantees no refined sugars, while nuts contain fatty acids that can lower your risk of heart disease.


Avocado on toast with hummus and tomatoes.


OLLIE SAYS: Avocados really are a superfood. They contain good fats and more potassium than bananas. Foods high in dietary fats will increase the feeling of fullness, so you’re less likely to give in to cravings.

eat gif


Courgette cannelloni with cannellini beans, mushrooms, basil, cherry tomatoes and a mixed salad. Fruit for pudding.


OLLIE SAYS: Beans and pulses are a great way to boost protein, and a diet rich in protein helps promote fat loss. Fruit is great for digestion.


Teaspoon of almond butter, homemade energy ball, olives.


OLLIE SAYS:  More dietary fats. Be careful – 1g of fat contains nine calories, almost double that of protein and carbohydrates.

Total Cals 1,504 (GDA 2,000)

OLLIE’S VERDICT: Victoria obviously prefers a diet higher in fats than carbohydrates. A high fat diet helps boost the immune system and fight inflammation in the blood. But fat, good or bad, contains high amounts of energy. Track your food on apps like MyFitnessPal  to keep an eye on it.

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Victoria Pendleton is working with Activia, sharing the story of achieving her personal best and inspiring women to Live InSync.