James Bond prefers his Guiness neither shaken nor stirred

James Bond star Daniel Craig says he likes to relax with a few pints on a Saturday night.

The actor has had to bust a gut to get in shape as 007 but it hasn’t been mineral water all the way.

Daniel, 38, steps into the iconic spy’s shoes for the first time in Casino Royale which will be in cinemas from 17 November.

‘I started training for the film when I knew there was a possibility I might get the part,’ he says in an interview with The Sun.

‘I thought, “I’ll start trying to get myself fit anyway and even if it doesn’t come off I’ll live another year”.’

Now he’s looking hot, Daniel wants to maintain his rippling torso.

‘I’m not obsessive about fitness,’ he says. ‘I work out three or four times a week but I take the weekends off and drink as much Guinness as I can get down my neck.’