We LOVE Ant and Dec presenting I'm A Celebrity... Here are the 10 best quotes from this series

Ant and Dec are without doubt some of our favourite presenters in the world. And maybe even our favourite people, too.

Yep, we love a good bushtucker trial. Watching the celebs cope with no luxuries is pretty good too. But the best thing by far about every series of I’m A Celeb is Ant and Dec‘s infectious banter.

And this year has been no exception.

With hilarious sketches and jungle jokes galore, the presenting pair have been on top funny form.

Here are their best I’m A Celebrity jokes of this year…

1. [After Michael Burke completed a task involving red balls]
Dec: I was impressed with Michael and those big red balls
Ant: Yeah, I think his harness was a bit tight

2. Dec: The big news is Gemma Collins has left the jungle – although to be fair, she gave it her best shot. I mean, she wouldn’t get in the helicopter, wouldn’t do the zip wire and didn’t face a single bushtucker trial…
Ant: But when it came to the biggest task of all, she stepped up to the plate… and did a little bit of knitting. No one can ever take that away from her!

3. Ant: Now, I’m no vet guys, but that snake wasn’t happy!
Dec: Well I’m not surprised. It was pulled out of Foggy‘s shorts two days ago and since then, Foggy hasn’t texted, he hasn’t written, he hasn’t called – NOTHING.

4. Ant: It was time for them to face their first big challenge…. Trying to remember which one’s Ant and which one’s Dec. If you can’t remember, just Google it… [Dec gets phone out] Not you, Dec.

5. Nadia: Jake‘s won everything so far
Dec: Except The X Factor. He didn’t win that…

6. Their Edwina Currie curry jokes.
Ant: We’re Rogan Joshing!
Dec: Nothing like a Saturday Night Takeaway… See what we did there?!

7. Ant: I mean, I know she’s hungry. And I’m no doctor guys, but drinking fake tan is NOT the answer.
Dec: Don’t do it Gemma!

8. Dec: It was time for Carl ‘Foggy’ Foggerty to face his first trail of the series. And I don’t mind admitting that as us two were stood there looking down at this sports legend, this world champion, an MBE, no less, lying flat on his back in a soggy old drain, we both had the same thought… It’s good to be back.

9. Dec: Kendra you’ve had more than a quarter of your time and you’ve made it to the bottom of the stairs.

10. Dec: Cheeers guuuys!
Ant: Awww, cheers guuuys! Enjoy your cocktails…. Because the next ones you’ll get will probably be made form pureed turkey testicles.
Dec: Cheeeers guuuys!

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