These stars are already going grey underneath their hair colour

They might not always show it but there are lots of female celebrities out there who are – whisper it – secretly grey.

It’s surprising just how many famous ladies have actually started getting white hair but cleverly manage to disguise it with colouring and styling.

Our gallery takes a look at 10 female stars who, underneath their glossy hue, sport more than a few grey hairs.

Unfortunately some celebs don’t always succeed when it comes to disguising their white strands. Kate Middleton is famed for her luscious barnet but even she has let the odd silvery lock be exposed – oops!

Our pictures show how the Duchess of Cambridge has made the error of wearing her mane in a half-up half-down style, unknowingly highlighting some grey bits at the back of her head.

She’s not the only one to slip up, though. Glossy Hollywood actresses Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes have also seemingly forgotten to have their roots done and allowed their sneaky whites to appear.

It turns out that Angelina Jolie has this problem too. We usually see the actress looking glam with her very dark ‘do nicely styled, but our photos show how she allows some grey hair to peak through whilst attending the G8 Summit.

Fellow actresses Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez have both discovered white strands, but J-Lo started going grey much sooner. You won’t believe how young she was when it started!

Grey hair doesn’t just affect older stars of course. Several youthful ladies are already finding silvery locks, including Selena Gomez and even the ever-glamorous Cheryl. Who knew?!

These female celebrities might prefer to cover their greying tresses but not all of them are ashamed of it.

Model Lisa Snowdon has started getting grey hair but hasn’t been as scared about it as she’d previously thought. Well, she did date silver-haired heartthrob George Clooney.

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