Love Island has received two new islanders, and here’s all you need to know about them


Sun, sand and sea – that’s the life the islanders have been living since they’ve been on Love Island. Sounds pretty good to us!

And it seems like we’re not the only ones to think so, as two new girls have also been tempted by the prospect of romance, and has joined the island of lurrrve in Mallorca. If nothing else, we’re sure they’ll get a killer tan out of it.

And guess what? They’re gorgeous and we have NO doubt they’re going to ruffle up some sun drenched feathers….

So who are Daisy and Naomi? Well…

5 things you need to know about Daisy Muller…

1. She’s perfect
24-year-old Daisy from Birmingham think that she is just the perfect person to be on Love Island, saying: ‘I’m not too loud. I’m not too in your face. I’m just perfect.’ Big claim!

2. She’s never had a boyfriend
‘I’ve been single all my life, but now I think it’s time for somebody else to pay the bill.’

3. She’s a pin-up girl
The blue-haired beauty is a model, and has been in everything from Zoo to Nuts. Wonder if any of the boys on the Island will recognise her?

4. She’ll get what she wants
‘If I go into the villa and there’s a guy that I like, he will definitely be mine at the end of the day.’ She’s one determined girl!

5. She’s a bit of a tomboy
Confessing that all her friends are guys, don’t let Daisy’s My Little Pony-esque hair fool you into thinking she’s a girly girl. ‘I’m quite laddish in a way.’

5 things you need to know about Naomi Ball…

1. She ranks herself pretty high in terms of looks
23-year-old Naomi from East London rates herself as a 9/10 when she’s all dressed up for a night out, but it’s not quite the same story the morning after: ‘All hungover, I’m struggling for a three.’

2. She’s a serial dater
After being single for about a year, Naomi has been known to go on up to five dates a week. Busy bee!

3. She wants to enter with a bang
Before she strutted her stuff into the house in THAT swimsuit she said: ‘I definitely want to make a bang when I go into the villa, I want to shake things up. If I put my mind to something or someone I definitely get them.’

4. She’s a hot commodity in the world of internet dating
Naomi has been voted as one of the most-in demand girls on dating app Happn! She’s not the only one though, as fellow Islander Danielle Pyne also has the coveted title.

5. Boys aren’t for being friends with
‘It makes me laugh when girls say that they only have guy mates because in my head I’m just thinking “you’re a slut”.’ Wonder what one-of-the-lads Daisy will think about that comment…

 Love Island is on ITV2

 Amy Lo