Naww! Want the lowdown on the birth of Jacqueline Jossa's new baby with Dan Osborne? Look no further…

It only seems like yesterday that Jacqueline Jossa announced that she was expecting her first child with TOWIE boyfriend Dan Osborne.

After months of waiting in extreme anticipation (basically stalking Jac’s Instagram and checking Twitter every five minutes), 22-year-old Eastenders’ actress Jacqueline finally gave birth to adorable baby Ella on the evening of Sunday 15 February at the Princess Royal University hospital in Kent.

Congrats! Ella Selina Osborne (cutest name, EVER!) weighed a healthy 7lbs 10oz and came right in the midst of EastEnders’ gripping ‘who killed Lucy Beale’ storyline which marked the show’s 30th anniversary. Despite Jacqueline being on maternity leave whilst Enders’ live shows were being aired, the gorgeous new-mum has revealed that she ‘was glued to the live shows while breastfeeding.’

That’s devotion!

Needing to know more about Ella’s birth? Fear not. Here are 11 essential facts…You.are.welcome.

1. Jac and Dan tested-out a few old wives’ tricks to try and trigger the birth.

As Ella was actually due on February 11 the pair we keen to get things moving. ‘We did all the things like going for walks and eating pineapple. I ate a spicy curry but I stopped doing it as soon as I found out I was due to be induced and then the labour started,’ revealed Jacqueline in this week’s OK! magazine.

2. Dan was asleep when Jac started contractions

Jacqueline experienced her first contractions at 2am on the Sunday of Ella’s birth but Dan was more interested in getting his beauty sleep. ‘She woke me up but I was so sleepy that I ignored her! I slept through an hour and 15 minutes of contractions,’ said 23-year-old Dan. ‘When it got unbearable I thought, no, he has to wake up now otherwise I’m going to kill him,’ admitted Jac. Yikes!

3.  Jacqueline opted for a water birth, which left her fingers and toes a little granny-like…

‘She was in the water for about four hours. Jackie’s hands and feet were like a prune and my hands were wrinkled up,’ said Dan, who already has a 14-month-old son called Teddy with his ex, Megan Tomlin.

4. TOWIE hunk Dan certainly lived-up to the doting boyfriend role

Jacqueline revealed that he was actually ‘in charge’ of rubbing her back throughout every contraction. Aww! In fact, Dan was such an adoring fella, he claimed he ‘wanted to take the pain for her’. Erm, Dan, you got a single brother?

5. Jacqueline opted for just gas and air – wow! 

Jac, who plays Lauren Branning in BBC1’s EastEnders, admitted that gas and air were her only means of pain relief. ‘It didn’t make me slur or feel high like some people said it would. At some points I didn’t know how to breathe, but the gas and air helped me control it,’ said Jac, adding: ‘It hurt like hell – but it was worth it.’
We bet!

6. Dan, adorably, got a little teary 

The tattooed hotty actually CRIED when he saw his new daughter. ‘I saw her big tuft of dark hair, I could hear Daniel crying behind me but it was strange, it was like I couldn’t cry as I was so shocked,’ gushed Jac. Wow. We are seeing Dan in a whole new light…

7. Ella is a total beauty

But who does she look like more? ‘She’s long like Daddy and has big hands and feet like her Daddy,’ explained Jacqueline.

8. Dan actually decided to film some of the excruciating labour!

It’s a blimmin’ good job that Jacqueline’s used to being in front of the camera as Dan revealed that he took photos of Jac whilst she was having contractions and also shot a short video to send to family and friends. Hmm, each to their own!

9. The happy couple couldn’t have chosen a sweeter name for their new bundle of joy

‘We couldn’t think of any names we liked, so I googled girls’ names and I saw the name Ella and we liked it straight away,’ confessed Dan. Jacqueline also revealed that Ella’s middle name of ‘Selina‘ is after her mum. Cute!

10. Ella could be making a special TOWIE appearance

Dan revealed that the show’s bosses want to get his new baby-girl on the program ‘as soon as possible,’ and Now has exclusively learnt they are filming TOWIE scene with Ella this week. Excited much!?

11. Dan has confessed that he definitely wants more children

Dan – who moved into Jacqueline’s three-bedroom London town house six weeks ago said: ‘We’re going to have a little break first. I’m sure we’ll have more children and we’ll get married but I’m not sure in what order,’ he explained, adding: ‘I would be one lucky man to marry this woman!’

Eeek. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this beautiful couple and their gorgeous lil’ girl. Congratulations!

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