And the award for most inspiring celebrity mum goes to...

She’s just undergone a hysterectomy, but you won’t catch Michelle Heaton feeling sorry for herself. The 35-year-old mum of two is rolling up her sleeves and getting back to work caring for her gorgeous children, Faith, who’s 21/2 and Aaron Jay, six months.

In 2012 the presenter discovered she carries the aggressive BRCA2 gene which means she has an 80% chance of developing breast cancer and a 30% chance of getting ovarian cancer. She decided to have a double mastectomy to reduce her risk the same year, and earlier this month had a hysterectomy to further improve her chances of escaping cancer.
We wish Michelle all the best with her recovery and in the meantime, here are 11 reasons we think she’s mum-of-the-year material.

1. Her kids come 1st
Michelle’s is one of the few celebs whose Instagram feed isn’t filled with thigh gap selfies or snaps of famous BFFs. Nope. Our maths is waaay too flaky to actually calculate the percentages but more than 50% of Shel’s Instagram account is filled with pix of her adorbs rugrats, especially the extravagantly cute Faith. The rest are made of food-porn and snaps of her hot hubby, Hugh Hanley. Isn’t that the number one rule of motherhood? Putting everyone else first and making them the centre of your world?

2. She’s real
Props to Shel for not Photoshopping her life. This was one of the first pix she posted of Faith in 2012, tongue out and playing it for larfs, rather than giving us the impossible-to-live-up-to airbrushed perfection that most celebs share with their fans.

3. She’s always there for her family

Michelle obviously can’t stand to be away from her family. This shot was taken when she was abroad on a recent photoshoot. It’s her FaceTiming the kids.

4-5. She’s realistic about losing the babyweight

When Michelle wanted to shape up and get her stupidly gorgeous body back post baby, she didn’t resort to insane energy sapping starvation diets. She did it slowly and healthily, taking Faith out for long hikes and whipping up healthy treats like this peanut butter cup made from chocolate protein powder, water and sugar-free peanut butter. Yumska.

6. She’s got a healthy attitude with the kids too

Speaking of grub here’s Faith with her first piece of celery. Baby-led weaning is a great way to get your kids to eat new foods, especially veggies. Michelle told her followers that her daughter hit the roof when she finally took it away. If only all kids howled for their five-a-day. #wedontknowhowshedoesit.

7. She drinks
Shel pours herself a Baileys to ease the tension of Faith’s first night in her own room. We’ve all been there. Plus, we love the humble brag about her wearing Primark jammies too! Which brings us on to the next point:

8. She’s a bargainista

On close inspection of this bath-fie we can see that Michelle has perfectly ordinary bathroom basics. From Tesco Everyday bubble bath to Original Source shower gel, it’s nice to know we’re not the only ones who like to save on the family shop.

9. Hot Hugh
We hope you don’t mind, Shel, but Hugh’s a bit of alright. So having a hot husband can be the ninth reason we think you’re our mum-spiration. Oh, and props to you both that that you manage to get out on the town together now and again.

10. She has a life outside of social media
It took Shel a month to upload the first picture of Aaron Jay. She was waaay too busy with her new arrival to think about keeping up with Insta.

11. She made these two
A moment’s silence please to fully appreciate the glory of these munchkins.

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