Kate Hudson has a VERY interesting nickname...


We’ve always been intrigued by US actress Kate Hudson, 36. Not only is she one of our major girl crushes with her gorgeous blonde locks, incredible pins and beautiful skin, but she’s also been in some of our favourite films including How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days and Bride Wars.

So what do we know about the American beauty? Here are 11 need-to-know facts!


She can see dead people!
Kate believes she has the ability to tap into the afterlife. Speaking on Alan Carr: Chatty Man last year, the 36-year-old actress revealed: ‘Me and Mum [actress Goldie Hawn] can see dead people. It’s not really seeing ­ it’s feeling a spirit, a fifth energy. I believe in energy. I believe our brains can manifest into visual things.’ Err, alright then.

Her nickname is ‘Hammerhead’
When they were younger, Kate’s older brother Oliver, 38, nicknamed her ‘Dumbo’ and ‘Hammerhead Shark’. So which does she prefer? In 2005, Kate revealed: ‘I guess I’d go with Dumbo. I’m a little more Dumbo-oriented by nature. Except without the ability to fly. Y’know, that’s really a question for my brother!’

Musical maestro
Despite a decades-long rift with her dad Bill after he split from her mum Goldie when Kate was just 18 months old, it seems she’s followed in his musical footsteps. Bill, 65, formed a band with his siblings called The Hudson Brothers, who were successful in the US during the 70s. Kate’s
also a talented musician who can play guitar and piano and in 2010 she treated her son Ryder, 11, to his very own guitar.

Bette Davis fan
Kate’s revealed her admiration for Hollywood legend Bette, saying: ‘It didn’t matter what she was doing when she entered that frame, all eyes were on her and that to me was magic. She didn’t give a hoot about what anybody said about her.’

Kate moves fast!
In the year 2000, Kate married Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson, 48, after a super-speedy romance. She’s since admitted: ‘We were telling each other we loved each other by the fourth day and I moved in within a week.’
They had son Ryder in 2004, but two years later announced their split. ‘I don’t think we were meant to be married, I think we were meant to have a child,’ said Kate. She went on to have a son Bingham with her then fiancé, Muse’s Matt Bellamy, in July 2011.

Liv Tyler’s her BFF
Not only did Kate and Liv both attend the same California high school, Crossroads School For Arts & Sciences, but Liv’s mum Bebe Buell was in the same social circle as Kate’s mum Goldie, 69. Liv, 38, and Kate starred together in 2000 film Dr T And The Women, in which they shared an
onscreen kiss. Talk about close friends!

She has plenty of indulgences
Kate’s renowned for her smoking hot body, but she doesn’t deprive herself. Her favourite food includes ‘cheeseburgers, fries, creamy white-truffle pasta and bowls of ice cream’. If you’re wondering how she keeps her figure with that list of treats, her answer is simple: ‘Everything in
moderation. I indulge at least three times a week.’

Eating ants with Bear Grylls
Probably not such a treat for Kate was when she took part in the second series of Running Wild, with survival expert Bear Grylls. During a two-day trek this year in the Italian Dolomites, she had to munch on ants! Kate said: ‘They weren¹t that bad.’

She makes her own wine!
When she was just 14, Kate’s stepdad Kurt Russell, now 64, encouraged her to make wine following her first trip to the French region of Burgundy ­ renowned for its Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. ‘Winemaking isn’t something you do to make real money. It’s something you do because you’re passionate about it,’ says Kate. We’d love a taste of her Shiraz!

Honesty’s everything
Asked if she has any negative traits, the actress said that her honesty ‘can be mean’. She admitted: ‘I’m the first one to tell my girlfriend that she doesn’t look so good. It can come across as being mean. But I’d rather be honest than look somebody in the face and lie because I want them to
like me.’

Born hippy
We’ve always loved Kate’s boho style and it’s no suprise she admits to being ‘a hippy at heart’. ‘I wear the clothes and they’re the best. And the music is incredible too.’ In her downtime, she prefers to go make-up free and even makes her own jewellery. We’re yet to see her hugging a
tree, though!


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