Ant-Man actor Paul Rydd is one of Hollywood’s most likeable stars


He’s the main man in new film Ant Man, but there’s much more than meets the eye to loveable Paul Rudd

He’s a dab hand at DJing
Paul, 46, isn’t just a fab actor. While he studied acting at the University of Kansas he was also 
a regular behind the decks, playing hits and MCing at Jewish Bar Mitzvahs. You can check 
out a video of him doing his thing in 1992 here:

Paul’s a nice guy
Remember how loveable he was when he played Phoebe’s husband Mike Hannigan in Friends? Well, turns out he’s actually that delightful in real life, too. US magazine Entertainment Weekly even awarded Paul the title of The Most Loveable Movie Star On The Planet. That’s not bad going!

His surname hasn’t always been ‘Rudd’
Paul was born into a Jewish family whose surname was Rudnitzky. His grandad shortened it to Rudd.

The star’s stayed grounded
He might be friends with sone of Hollywood’s finest – Amy Poehler and Jason Segel included – but his closest mates are his childhood chums. Actor Jon Hamm is Paul’s high-school BFF and the pair are just as close now as they were back then. Cute!

Jennifer Aniston was once his girlfriend
Paul dated Jen – his co-star in Friends, The Object Of My Affection and Wanderlust – in 1998. 
In 2011, Jen revealed the famous pair were together ‘when we were, like, 12’.

Paul’s a bit British
He loves England – and, well, who can blame him? Both his parents are from the UK, so Paul’s admitted to feeling a close bond with our country and recalls British ‘candy’ and tea as some 
of his earliest memories. ‘That counts for something when you’re a kid,’ he said. Paul also studied drama at Oxford for a full term.‘I loved that,’ he said. ‘I associate a lot of happiness 
with spending time over there and working on scenes or plays that were very English.’

‘He’s very sweet’
Paul’s been married to Julie Yaeger since 2003 and the pair have two children – son Jack, nine, and daughter Darby, five. Actress Elizabeth Banks, who’s worked with Paul in five films, sang his praises, describing him as handsome, decent and funny. ‘He’s very sweet. You don’t see him ass-kicking left, right and centre, but that’s very endearing to women – especially as we get older and want to see men who can be caretakers,’ she said. We couldn’t agree more!

Total wordsmith
He’s a geek at heart. The actor admits that he spends much of his spare time playing the multiplayer puzzle game Words With Friends on his phone. But he does love to watch sport, too.

He’s a man’s man
Although we might only ever see him looking pretty and preened, Paul isn’t always so immaculate. In fact, when he isn’t filming he’s a bit lax on his grooming habits. ‘I won’t shave, cut my hair or exercise. I turn into [bearded baseball pitcher] Brian Wilson – the off years. I grow my fingernails out like that guy in the Guinness Book Of World Records,’ he admits. Lovely.

Mr Moneybags
Paul’s worth a small fortune. He has a net worth of over £15.7 million thanks to his countless roles as an actor, screenwriter, producer and comedian.

Warning: this guy has a VERY healthy snack habit
While filming 200 Cigarettes with Ben Affleck and Kate Hudson in 1999, Paul earned the nickname ‘Ruddish’ thanks to his constant obsession with munching on radishes. Nice!

Ant-Man is in cinemas NOW

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