Ever since Marvin Humes and wife Rochelle Humes became proud parents, he's been the most doting, loyal and downright adorable father. Swoon


Since he
and wife Rochelle Humes became parents to Alaia Mai, now 21 months old, Marvin
can rival even David Beckham in the Dad of the Year stakes. 

Here, we round up
our favourite daddy-daughter moments from the superstar father and his ‘little
princess.’ Prepare for heart flutters…

1. He was devoted even before his daughter arrived
Marvin, 29, posted this photo of his daddy manual next to former JLS bandmate Aston Merrygold’s reading matter during a plane flight to Scotland. Spot the dad-to-be.

2. He was smitten immediately
That’s Daddy’s little girl right there.

3. This photo of
him at feed-time

When he posted
this pic with the caption, ‘Me and my Princess.’ Brownie points for being
topless, too.

4. He doesn’t complain about the early mornings
He posted this picture with the caption: ‘Morning times are the best.’

5. How he doesn’t
even mind being woken up

He said: ‘I’m obsessed
with her. Even if she wakes me up at three in the morning, I love it!’

6. He’s a hero
On one holiday Alaia
threw herself into the pool. ‘You have never seen me run faster in my life,’
says Marvin. Thankfully she was fine!

7. He’s a big kid
Holding open a big toy box, Marvin wrote: ‘What toys shall we play with next, Lai?’

8. Look at his face when he’s pushing her on a swing
Could Marv look any more adoringly at his little girl?

9. That she turned
him into a blubbering wreck

‘I’ve definitely
become more emotional,’ he says. ‘Nothing can ever prepare you for the love
that you have for your child.’

10. The way they sit and hold hands
Just because.

11. When he fell
asleep trying to eat her feet and it was the cutest thing ever

All together now,

12. This moment Alaia Mai spotted a poster of her Daddy (and Mummy) in a shop

And she ran over to kiss him.

13. The fact he looks like THIS
Serious DILF alert.

14. That he’s still head over heels in love with her mum
Last month Marvin posted a picture of Alaia playing with his wedding ring with the message: ‘Alaia’s latest thing is taking my wedding ring off and wanting to wear it! This day 3 years ago I asked her Mummy to marry me..thank God she said yes..best 3 years of my life!

15. He sings
Frozen with her

‘We know every word to Frozen,’ says Rochelle. ‘Marvin has started talking really passionately about it!’ We don’t mind. 

16. He’s
protective… but not over-protective about future boyfriends

‘I’ll lay down a
few rules, tell him how it’s going to play out,’ he says. ‘Nothing’s going to get past me
where my little girl is concerned.’

17. When he taught
her how to swim

Rochelle posted
this video on Instagram in December 2013. Too. Cute.

18. When he taught
her how to DJ

Something tells
us this girl is going to be a star…


Happy Valentine’s day Marvin Humes! We hope you enjoy spending it with the two women you love.