From embarrassing his sons to giving his kids big kisses, all the ways David Beckham is the best dad ever

Yes, we know David Beckham is hot, and we
know that he and Victoria Beckham are the ultimate British power couple.

However, with his work for various
charities, football, his own whiskey brand and of course modelling, it’s easy
to forget that one of 39-year-old David‘s biggest jobs is that of being a

Here, we celebrate why Becks is such an awesome dad to kids Brooklyn,
15, Romeo, 12, Cruz, nine, and three-year-old Harper.

1. He likes to embarrass them
Yes, it’s hard to appreciate this when you’re a child but
as you get older you appreciate just how cute it is when your parents publicly profess their love for you. David is no different, admitting he shouted ‘I love you’ to
eldest son Brooklyn when he asked to be dropped off round the corner from
school so he wouldn’t be seen. Aw!

2. He can’t be manipulated
When youngest son Cruz hurt himself during
football training, his first question was ‘Do I have to go to school today?’
David said: ‘I’ve had that situation. That was Cruz. He’s the cheeky one.’

3. Being a taxi driver for them doesn’t bother

Everyone needs their parents to pick them
up and drop them off when they’re younger and, despite having enough money to fund a daily chauffeur to cart his kids around, David is happy to do that. He
said: ‘From 7.30 in the
morning I have drop-offs at four different schools. I pick Harper up at midday
then the boys at 4pm. Then the boys all train in a soccer academy every single
night of the week until 9.30pm. To be honest it’s great.’ So cute!

4. The kids like to
style him, and he lets them

He has said: ‘Harper
will come in and she’ll want to put my belt on or she’ll want to dress me or
she’ll say, “Daddy wear these shoes with that,” it’s amazing actually.’

5. He insists they do charity work
‘The children will be getting involved
because I’m going to make them,’ he said, adding that Brooklyn, who will soon
turn 16, is keen to help out with a charity as soon as he can.

6. Taking time to explain his work is
important to him

and Romeo have seen me go on
certain trips [and] I take 100s of pictures,’ David said, talking about his UNICEF work. ‘When I sit down with them and show
them pictures of the childen I have been helping or UNICEF has been helping on
the ground, they respond to that.’ Aww.

7. His family is his number one priority
He said: ‘In my career there’s many things
I’ve won, and many things I’ve achieved,’ he said. ‘But my greatest achievement
is my family. What matters is being a good father and a good husband.’ And we
applaud you for that, Mr Beckham!

8. Physical
affection is key

Although his eldest Brooklyn likes to be
independent now, David has revealed he will still give him a kiss on the cheek
before he goes to school.

9. He hopes they’re proud of him
He said: ‘I’m proud to tell them exactly
what I’m doing and how I’m helping and I think it makes them proud as well.’
We’re welling up here!

10. He has launched a child protection fund
Within his work with UNICEF, David has
created a new venture, 7, which will focus on children at risk of violence,
abuse and disease.

11. He’s a stay-at-home

Yes, he is often
jetting all over the world, but for the majority of the time he is at home for
his little ones. He said: ‘I love
being a stay-at-home dad. I’ve been lucky, I’ve always been able to take
the boys to school in the morning, and pick them up and make them dinner and
things like that.’

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