Katie Hopkins may have missed out on winning Celebrity Big Brother to Katie Price, but she did win one thing: the viewers

Katie Hopkins has long been known as Britain’s Most Hated Woman, so when it was revealed that she would be entering the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother viewers and housemates had a very good idea of what was in store!

What no one considered though was that Katie would win around the public and show a much softer side. Now takes a look back at the 12 best moments where Katie Hopkins really proved she was human, after all…

1. Katie offers to help Alicia Douvall with her bed
On the first night of the show, Katie agreed to help model Alicia Douvall find a nice bed so that she wouldn’t have to share with a male housemate! Whether this was down to the task where she had to be nice or not, fellow housemate Michelle Visage commented: ‘Katie Hopkins does have a heart.’

2. She gets emotional over her husband
We saw Katie shed a tear for the first time when she admitted to Patsy Kensit that she was in love with her husband. Katie
said ‘he’s amazing…he’s lovely’ before welling up in front of her housemates. When Patsy asked ‘are your eyes filling up with tears?’ Katie told her to go away and change the conversation.

3. Katie doesn’t retaliate to Perez Hilton
During the first task, Perez grilled Katie on the fact that she slept with her now husband while he was married to someone else. While the rest of her housemates were visibly uncomfortable, Katie remained calm and told Perez to stop upsetting the other housemates, before accepting Perez‘s tearful apology.

4. She apologises to Alicia
After referring to Alicia as the weirdo mum who everyone avoids at the school gates due to the model’s comments about her daughter having a sugar-free diet, Katie decided she had gone too far and apologised to Alicia! Alicia told Katie that she hadn’t slept over the cruel comments, to which Katie replied ‘I
apologise you thought it’s cruel, I think it best I just apologise and leave
it at that.’

5. Katie slams Perez over Alexander
When Celebrity Big Brother favourite Alexander O’Neal decided to leave the house, Katie was on hand to comfort her fellow
housemates and give Perez a piece of her mind. Most of the housemates blamed Perez over the walkout after he continued to taunt Alexander, and Hopkins
labeled Perez an ‘utterly despicable human being’ for his treatment towards the American singer.

6. Katie cries AGAIN
Katie also showed her softer side when she couldn’t cope with the compliments given by her fellow housemates! Words we never thought we’d hear in the same sentence as ‘Katie Hopkins‘. When Katie Price said how much she liked her, Katie H tearfully admitted that she wasn’t use to receiving compliments.

7. She got the Pricey approval!
It’s public knowledge that Katie H has had a lot to say about Pricey in the past, but Hopkins was reduced to tears yet again after Katie Price‘s arrival. After giving each other a chance, Pricey told Katie H: ‘I love your humour, you’re right up my street. I’ll definitely be your friend out of the house because I think you’re really funny, witty, family-orientated and I think you’ve got a heart.’

8. Katie agreed to write Katie P’s wedding vows
After some genuine bonding, Katie Hopkins even decided that she would write Katie‘s vows for her upcoming vow renewal with husband Kieran Hayler! Hopkins has openly slated the pair in the past, recently branding Kieran a ‘cretin’ in her column for The Sun, but the pair seemed to call a truce with Hopkins making the kind gesture.

9. Katie gives up her letter from home
During the task where housemates could win letters
from home, Katie decided not to press the button that would save hers and Michelle‘s letter to destroy Perez and Katie‘s letters, and instead agreed that she would allow her letter to be lost so that none of them received one. When housemates turned on Cami Li for not doing the same, Katie did otherwise and congratulated Cami Li on winning hers and Calum Best‘s letters

10. Katie breaks down reading Cam Li’s letter
When it came to reading the letters from home, Katie H visibly broke down on hearing them. When Cami Li asked Katie to read her letter out she barely managed to hold it together and choked up before she could finish it. She was clearly upset at not getting her own letter but put her emotions aside to comfort a devastated
Michelle who also lost her letter.

11. Katie bonds with Perez
Despite the controversy and constant confrontation between her and Perez for the entire series, Katie Hopkins recently took the time to chill with Perez and, surprisingly, have a civilised conversation. Michelle and Calum thought Katie might be trying to win over the public but perhaps Katie was once again showing her softer side.

12. Katie gets emotional after becoming a Celebriy Big Brother finalist
The latest sign of Katie Hopkins actually having a heart was on Thursday night’s show, which saw Katie break down in the diary room. She admitted that she found it difficult to show her softer side to the public, and couldn’t believe that she was a finalist and had the public’s approval at last.

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