X Factor's Mason Noise learned the hard way that One Direction fans are a force to be reckoned with after calling Liam Payne 'Harry Styles' backing singer'

There’s nothing like making a cheeky joke about One Direction to make your smartphone blow up with notifications – as Mason Noise found out this week.

The x Factor act found himself on the receiving end of an almighty outpouring of anger and abuse from 1D’s ‘fandom’ after posting a picture of himself with Liam Payne on his Instagram account.

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Taken backstage at last weekend’s X Factor final (where 1D gave their final performance before taking a break), Mason jokingly captioned the shot: ‘One of the highlights of my experience, meeting one of Harry Styles backing singers.’

He even put a winky face at the end, which we all know means he just being jokes.

But sadly some passionate Directioners didn’t take it that way and quickly started bombarding the singer with angry comments, threatening to end his career, ‘ruin’ him – and even telling him to KILL himself.

One Instagram users wrote: ‘Do you even realize that this caption has officially ruined your career? Oh man, one direction fans won’t let you live anymore.’

Another added: ‘Look who just f**ked up his whole career….. You made a big mistake there lad. Good luck.’

One rather sinisterly posted: ‘We will ruin you lmao.’

Whilst another hoped Mason would face a particularly painful punishment, writing: ‘I wish you stepped on a million legocubes you b*tch.’

Mason has since spoken out about the whole thing, revealing he didn’t anticipate the backlash to his post – which he thought was just like ‘banter in the pub’.

He told The Sun: ‘There were loads of comments. I had a few people say that I made their night and I had some people say there’s a special place in hell for me, but I kind of knew that already.

‘I got told to kill myself by 12 year old girls. I didn’t expect it. Just like you would banter your lads in the pub, it was a funny thing.’

He also joked: ‘I went shopping today and I got a stab-proof vest and I wear that around now.’

Mason also admitted that he’s actually a 1D fan, saying: ‘If they’re on the radio I’ll sing along. I’m guilty of that. They’re great guys.’

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