OMG could Kylie Jenner's pooch be the cutest new A-list pet? After looking at these pictures we think he'll be your new favourite follow

The Kardashian household has added a new member, and it’s the cutest, most glamorous one yet.

Yep, Kylie Jenner has gone and got herself a dog, Norman Jenner, and he’s so showbiz he has his own Instagram page!

We know it’s sad, but we’re kinda hooked on this little one’s social media. Not only does it give us another glimpse into the krazy Kardashian world – Norman is pictured with makeup-free Kourtney Kardashian, mum Kylie wearing some of her craziest fashion choices and momager Kris Jenner, who is visibly (and hilariously) fuming after said dog wakes her up – but it’s also one of the cutest and funniest Insta page in existence.

Check out the 13 pictures above of the adorable Italian greyhound that will 100% make you want to follow his @normiejenner Instagram.

Also, if the pictures are not cute enough for you, we also thought of 13 reasons why you need this furry friend in your life!

1. Norman is so glam, he goes designer shopping with trendy Kylie – and he’s carried there. #showbiz

2. Try and tell us that isn’t the cutest dog in the world!

3. Not only is Norman adorable, so are his doggy mates. And when he’s pictured with them, there’s a whole lot of cooing to be done.

4. Bored of the Kardashian selfies? Well if you’ve got a face like his they’re always adorable.

5. Kylie thinks he’s got street-cred. Captioning pictures: ‘Normie getting bitches’. We say no more.

6. He is so tiny, he’s literally the size of the toilet roll he likes playing with! Awwww.

7. Norman even folds up into tiny weird shapes – that bizarrely look exactly like the stack of nail varnishes next to him. Secret shape-shifter? Probs.

8. He loves a snuggle so much he’ll even snuggle between the sofa and it’s back cushion. How did he get there?!

9. Check out makeup-free Kourtney Kardashian snapped with the little guy. Beaut!

10. Normie is already au fait with the paparazzi.

11. Norman is a mischief maker and loves winding up Kris Jenner. LOL.

12. We love looking at pics of Normie with mum Kylie, because it means we get to ogle her fashion choices – like this bold number!

13. Norman is so chic, he’s carried around in a Louis Vuitton bag. 


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