Did you know Kim Kardashian used to clean Paris Hilton's feet? CAUSE WE'VE GOT ACTUAL PIC EVIDENCE!

She’s arguably the most famous woman in the world right now, but Kim Kardashian hasn’t always held that title.

Long before her bum had even become a thing and before anyone even knew who the Kardashians were, let alone wanted to Keep Up with them – Kim was simply known as hotel heiress Paris Hilton‘s friend.

Or maid as Paris would often describe her.

Living what can only be described as The Simple Life, socialite Paris would travel the world from party to party during her peak.

And wouldn’t be spotted anywhere without her ultimate accessory Kim trailing behind.

Just to put this all into context, we’re going so far back to 2006 here the internet was barely even a thing to break. Dial up anyone?

Whether she was telling those pesky paps to leave Paris alone or simply carrying her stuff – where Paris went, a young Kimberley did too.

She even went as far as cleaning the one-time Queen Bee’s feet.

That’s hot?

This was all until Paris and BFF Nicole Ritchie they travelled America filming their reality shows together and Kim was left apparently fuming at the whole thing.

However this week circumstances seem to have changed between the super famous pair….

Kim wished her former frenemy a belated Happy Birthday on Instagram to her 26 million followers.

Does this mean they’re friends again? Who knows.

Does this mean Kim will be cleaning her feet once more? We hope.

And do we reckon Paris could be a little jealous that her one time ‘maid’ has gone on to well and truly steal her spotlight? Probs yeah.

Have a look and a LOL through our throwback gallery of the pair and see just how much things have changed…

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