Cheryl Fernandez-Versini’s been working her butt off to get gorgeous legs, and she’s been showing them off all over the place


Yes yes, we know Cheryl Fernandez-Versini is one of the hottest women alive – we’ve known this for a long time.

But until a few months ago, we’d mainly been focusing on those adorable dimples and those melting pools of liquid brown eyes (too much? It came off as creepy, right?).

That is, until she started releasing promotional shots and doing dance moves that, well, emphasised one particular area of her body.

Cheryl has amazing amazing amazing thighs.

It’s weird that we don’t talk about this more.

And what makes them – and Cheryl‘s pride at showing them off – even more awesome, is that they used to be her biggest insecurity.

Back in 2011, Cheryl said her legs were her least favourite body part, saying, ‘I look like I have sausages hanging out of my dress.’

And even though that was always complete nonsense and she’s always been beyond perfect, we have so much respect for The X Factor judge seeing something she didn’t feel happy with and going off and working on it. In fact it was 2011 that the 31-year-old started working with celeb personal trainer Tracy Anderson, renowned for emphasising strength and muscle-tone over being skinny.

And we’re pretty sure it’s Tracy we have to thank for Cheryl‘s incredible lithe legs that have become allergic to trousers.

Chez revealed earlier this year, ‘I do the Tracy Anderson Method. I’ve been doing it for a long time now. It’s not easy but if you push yourself through, I love it. I’m at the point where I enjoy it.’

She added, ‘A lot of people hate going to the gym or can’t think of anything worse but I get up in the morning and I like it – and I eat healthy.’

Tracy has worked with strong women like Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez, and even has a thigh-specific workout program called Hipcentric.

She advises, ‘It’s important to devote one hour a day to working out and my fitness program will be ½ an hour devoted to cardio and ½ an hour devoted to the muscular structure work. This is a manageable amount of time and will help you achieve the maximum results for your body type.’

She says that her followers – like Cheryl – do the Tracy Anderson Method 6 days a week adding, ‘Dedication is really important and adding a workout into your daily routine will help your health and wellness. Taking the entire weekend off or getting into a schedule of taking too many days off will not help your muscles achieve long-term results. However, you definitely should not workout seven days a week.’

If we get thighs like Cheryl, it might actually be worth it.

Check out our gallery of Cheryl showing off her thighly hot thighs above (that joke almost worked).

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