Along with Prince George, we’re patiently waiting for HRH baby number two to arrive, here’s everything you need to be clued up about

1. Everything going well, Kate Middleton AKA The Duchess of Cambridge will give birth at St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington.

2. According to some reports Kate is due on 25 April.

3. It is thought Kate will deliver HRH baby in one of the £10k-maternity suites in the hospitals Lindo wing. Fancy!

4. If Kate gives birth on 21 April, she will be born on the Queen‘s 89th birthday.

5. If the baby is born on 29 April, it’ll be the best present for Kate and William‘s fourth wedding anniversary.

6. Prince Georges little brother or sister will be forth in line to the throne.

7. Depending on where Prince William is working when Kate goes into labour, he could face three of these journeys. A) A two-and-a-half hour 120-mile drive from the air ambulance base in Norwich. B) A two-hour 100-mile drive from their base in Staverton Gloucestershire. C) Or a 90-minute 70-mile drive from the base in Cambridge. Let’s hope there’s no traffic!

8. Kate and William are not going to have a maternity nurse to help them, contrary to royal traditions.They’re such rebels!

9. If the baby is born on or after 21 April, it’ll be a Taurus. If you believe in Astrology, this means the baby will be ‘determined, genuine, loyal and goal-orientated’. Oo-er.

10. After the birth announcement is emailed to the press, there will also be a celebratory tweet on the Kensington Palace Twitter feed – @KensingtonRoyal. Hurrah!

11. The paper copy of the royal birth announcement will be taken by police escort and displayed outside Buckingham Palace on an easel, like when Prince George was born.

12. Favourite names thought to be in the running include Alice, Elizabeth, Charlotte, Victoria or Diana for a girl and James, Arthur, Charles and Philip for a boy.

13. After having the baby, the family will return to their country home Amner Hall in Norfolk.

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