We love the many expressions of Celebrity Big Brother contestant Katie Hopkins. So much so, we compiled our faves

Throwing a well-timed, deeply hurtful insult is one thing. But having a unique expression to go along with is? That is TALENT.

One woman who has it all pinned down is, of course, Celebrity Big Brother‘s Katie Hopkins. Not only does she throw the most scathing and hilarious comments around the house, she also pulls the most dramatic and exaggerated facial expressions we have ever known on a human being.

There’s the classic, ‘I’m Katie Hopkins and I am right’; the ‘I know you’re wrong and I am right, but I can’t be arsed arguing so I’m going to quietly judge you instead’; and the ‘I feel sorry for the lack of understanding you have’.

Most are accompanied by a self righteous sigh and a few concise hand gestures.

Our other faves include: the sarcastic ‘oooh, someone’s angry’ face, usually aimed at Perez Hilton; the ‘don’t make me laugh, Perez‘; and, the expression that could kill within the second, the ‘I am absolutely fuming that Perez has re-entered the house and if he says one word to me I will explode harder than Katie Price at her last onesie party’. Yikes!

But we think our favourite expression of all is the one that sums up Katie‘s time in the house: ‘I secretly love that the public are on my side.’

Katie has spent her entire time in the limelight being booed, heckled and trolled relentlessly – deservedly or not. But now that she has shown the real her in the CBB house and has FINALLY changed some of the negative opinions, she’s actually getting cheers.

And like a mother seeing her newborn baby for the first time, her face says it all.

Katie, we’re starting to love you – and even more so because of those ridiculous facial expressions of yours. Keep on gurning, Hoppers.

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Kim Gregory