As David and Victoria Beckham shrug off split rumours, we look at the picture evidence that suggests they're as in love as ever (aww!)

David and Victoria Beckham‘s marriage is stronger than ever – and we’ve got the pics to prove it!

The former Spice Girl was forced to respond to rumblings that she and hubby David might be heading for a split, saying that the couple have ‘nothing to prove’ and claiming she is ‘blessed to have a wonderful husband.’

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Speaking to Grazia, 41 year old Vic said: ‘I have never listen to, or commented on, the rumours about any aspect of my life.

‘I am blessed to have a wonderful husband and beautiful, healthy, happy children.’

She admitted that their busy schedules make their relationship difficult, but insisted that they make the effort to spend time together both on their own and with their kids, Brooklyn, 15, Romeo, 13, Cruz, 10, and four-year-old daughter Harper.

‘Yes, we travel a lot with our respective businesses and charitable commitments. But we always make time for each other as a couple and as a family,’ she said.

The singer-turned-fashion-designer added: ‘David and I have nothing to prove. We love each other, look out for each other and are strong as both partners and parents.’

Continuing, VB also revealed what a challenge it can be to juggle her work life with her family life Рbut believes it sets a good example to the Beckham Brood.

Vic said ‘Of course it’s hard, but I’m like any working mum, albeit with a bit of extra help. Every mother is rushing around on a Sunday night looking for homework and school uniform, juggling ballet lessons and football practice with work meetings and travel.

‘David and I both have a strong work ethic and I believe that’s a good example to set our children.’

Of course, we never believed the rumours for a second – have you seen how cute these two are on Instagram!?

From intimate family shots to proud husband/wife moments, these are the 15 photos that prove David and Victoria’s marriage is stronger than ever – check them out in the gallery above!

Stephanie Wood