Christmas Day is the best, but don't pretend you can't relate to these cracking GIFs...


Christmas is the most magical time of the year! Mainly because it combines all our favourite aspects of life: family, food and booze. Oh, and loads of presents.

But with every event that mixes all those factors – see weddings, christenings, bar mitzvahs – the day is guarenteed to be ridiculous, with arguments, embarrassing questions from elderly relatives and the secret but palpable tension when someone opens your present. Well it’s all part of the fun! So here are 17 gifs that will sum up your experience with the festive period…


First, it’s time to turn the world Christmas-y

Christmas Decorations Glee GifWhich involves a lot of dancing to classic Christmas tunes and COMPLETE CONTROL of decoration placement

This triggers the overwhelming excitement that no one else appreciates…

Elf Santa GIF ChristmasEven when you’re an adult, Christmas is magical

The anticipation gets too much and you’ve been up all night Christmas Eve and no one is awake in the morning…

Cat dog hitting GIFIt’s present time!

Sometimes your family’s present game is on-point and you can’t wait to see what you’ve got

Dog opening presents gifIt’s tough to keep it inside

Other times, your family properly drops the ball

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Titus No GIFOn the outside you’re definitely telling them how wonderful it is

Though it’s different in a relationship when your partner forgets to buy you the one present you wanted, but you remembered theirs…

Star Wars Unlimited Power Emperor Palpatine GIFThe day belongs to you

Once the presents are over, it’s time to brace yourself: the entire family is coming

Coca Cola Coke Vans GIFIt’s small talk central with your weird second cousin

Which is the trickiest part of the day, because trying to stay out of an argument is like

Dog Roundabout GIFBest avoid the politics this Christmas

You think you’re safe once it’s dinner time, but then your Nan asks you why you’re still single
Basketball face gifNot even the main event can protect you

And the dog won’t leave you alone while you take comfort in that delicious Turkey

Anchorman Dog Punt GIFSorry mate, you have your own Christmas dinner

And after all that food you write off a relationship until March anyway…

Post-Christmas dinner Charlie and the Chocolate Factory GIFThere’s always a gym in January

Unless you’re already in a relationship, then once the Christmas cake is brought out you’re all

Matilda Cake GIFNo matter the relationship status, Christmas is for eating as much food as possible.

While you recover from the food, it’s time for the Eastenders Christmas special

watching the Eastenders Christmas specialAll the feels, all the time, right in my face.

Of course no Christmas is complete without getting your Board Game on

Board Games Scary Movie 3Which you will be way too inappropriately engaged with.

And through all the stress of Christmas you know that one special person’s got your back…

Amy Schumuer GIFIt’s the only thing to get you through

Honestly, Christmas is time for your family, and you love them really

Friends hugging GIFYou only get one and Christmas isn’t the same without them!

But once it’s Boxing Day it’s time to kick everyone out and lock yourself away until New Year’s

Gandalf Lord of the Rings You Shall Not Pass! GifThere’s Netflix to binge-watch and a whole fridge of cold turkey with your name on it, you’ve earned it!

Tom Capon