Twitter goes into meltdown as 1D fans question why #CANCELYOURENGAGEMENTZAYN trending

One Direction fans are a force to be reckoned with, but it’s not just their beloved 1D boys that they’ll defend to the death, but surprisingly also the girls they’re planning to to spend the rest of their life with.

The hashtag #CANCELYOURENGAGEMENTZAYN started trending in UK on Tuesday afternoon, but the thing is, no-one’s really sure why, but people are NOT happy about it…

Directioners are not best pleased but someone somewhere has started this hashtag, and that althought it may be Perrie Edwards walking down the aisle with their beloved Zayn Malik instead of themselves – don’t worry, we wish that was happening too – that this is just too far.

Not cool guys, not cool.

But eveyone’s being very mature about the whole thing, saying that as long as Zayn’s happy, that’s all that matters surely.
Hear, hear. (Also, let’s start using the term ‘lamers’ more people!)

So if that’s the case, where did the hashtag come from?! The 1D fans are just as confused as us…

The One Direction fandom has spoken people, and they’re NOT happy. But by showing they’re outrage on Twitter and using the hashtag, it’s trending even more – worldwide in fact. The confusion continues!

The former 1D member and Little Mixer first met on The X Factor way back in 2011, before rumors of are they or aren’t they dating started to emerge between the two popstars. Then before you know it, fast-forward two years and Zerrie are engaged in 2013! Since then, there was that tiny bit of news that you may have missed that Zayn Malik left One Direction and we’re still patiently on this union of pop’s greatest love story. We’re imagining some pretty fierce bridemaid dresses for those Little Mix girls.

We’re still none the wiser over #CANCELYOURENGAGEMENTZAYN even after delving into the depths of Twitter, but I think we can all agree with and use a happier hashtag instead.

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Amy Lo