From Piers Morgan to Lenny Henry, we've rounded up all the sexy older men...

After the Loose Women audience spent the last two weeks singing the praises of silver foxes Piers Morgan and Lord Sugar, we thought we’d have a look at a few more gorgeous gents over 50.

Here are 20 of the best:

Piers Morgan

When Piers appeared on Loose Women a fortnight ago, the audience chanted:¬†Piers Morgan, Piers Morgan. Sexy, sexy beast.’ Oo-er!

Lord Alan Sugar

When Lord Sugar featured on Loose Women shortly after Piers Morgan’s appearance, the crowd had a new chant: ‘Lord Sugar, Lord Sugar. He’s sexier than Piers. Lord Sugar, Lord Sugar. Sexy, sexy beast.’ Tough luck, Piers!

Duncan Bannatyne

The entrepreneur and philanthropist proved that age is just a number on I’m A Celebrity, attracting the attention of gorgeous reality stars Ferne McCann and Vicky Pattison.

Eamon Holmes

The Irish journalist and broadcaster is still a fox – and his wife Ruth Langsford agrees. Speaking about his active sex life in an interview, Eamon said ‘That woman has run me ragged!’ Cheeky!


Simon Cowell

Suave, handsome and dark – it’s a yes from us, Simon!

Lenny Henry

We love a man who can make us laugh, making stand-up comedian and actor Lenny Henry the man for us.

John Cleese

Yes, you read that correctly. Age has been kind to this silver fox since his Fawlty Towers days, and at 6″4 we could wear any heels that we liked around him.

Ralph Fiennes

Provided we can get that role as Lord Voldemort out of our heads, our love for this talented actor knows no age boundaries.

Colin Firth

Oh, who can forget Colin Firth as Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice? A true English gent, Colin Firth has the puppy dog good looks that never get old.

Hugh Grant

Whether you liked him as the bumbling Will Thacker in Notting Hill or the lothario Daniel Cleaver in Bridget Jones, Hugh Grant has a twinkle in his eye that has continue to charmed us for decades

Lenny Kravitz

Okay, there was THAT embarrassing leather trouser incident last summer, but handsome Lenny proved he’s still young at heart. Plus, we want to be mates with his it-girl daughter, Zoe.

Pierce Brosnan

Rematching Bond movies is enough to make us go all gooey over this gorgeous Irish-American actor.

George Clooney

Okay, we’ll never match up to Amal, but we still dream about this silver-hearted heartthrob.

Larry Lamb

Because we all knew he was the true heartthrob in Gavin and Stacey.

Peter Capaldi

We’d love to take a spin in the time machine with this former Doctor Who.

Richard Madeley

Richard may be pushing 60, but with that tanned, slim physique and luscious locks, we’re more than a little jealous of his wife Judy Finnigan.

Anthony Head

Because who DIDN’T have a crush on his character Rupert in Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

David Bowie

He may have sang about Ch-ch-ch-changes, but the dashing glam rock legend hasn’t changed a bit in our eyes!

Brad Pitt

Brad, how can we count the ways we love you? Despite a series of dodgy beards over the years, Brad has always come out looking decades younger than his 51 years.

Johnny Depp

Because Captain Jack Sparrow was the most attractive character EVER to feature in a kids’ film.