Yes, you read that right. 2016 has been a weird year hasn't it? But it's not over yet and it’s about to get so much weirder. Check out the celebs that have taken some style inspo from a rather unexpected source this year.

Mike Reid/Frank Butcher

It seems our favourite celebrities have taken some style inspiration direct from Albert Square, in the form of big, perspex glasses and we know exactly who ignited this trailblazing trend.


Anyone remember Frank Butcher? The EastEnd(-ers) cockney that spent as much time in the Queen Vic as he did switching from Pat to Peggy and how could we forget that famous ‘naked-with-nothing-but-a-bow-tie’ scene.

Frank Butcher

Well, apparently even the most famous of famous faces know about the perspex glasses wearing EastEnder. ‘Ave a butchers at the celebs who have been rocking the trend this year…