Glamour model says she’s been burnt too many times

Danielle Lloyd has vowed never to have a relationship with another footballer.

The 32DD glamour model has dated Teddy Sheringham, Marcus Bent and Jermain Defoe.

‘I’m not in touch with any of my former footballer boyfriends,’ she explains.

‘People always say that I want to be a WAG, but I’ve never wanted to be one.

‘I’ve got a WAG lifestyle anyway without having a footballer on my arm.’

Danielle, 25, admits she’s wary of men being unfaithful.

‘I look for warning signs,’ she tells the News Of The World. ‘If even one thing happens that makes it look like someone is going to cheat then I end it straight away.

‘I know it seems harsh but I can’t risk it happening again. I’ve been burnt more than once, I’ve been burnt so many times. If it happens any more I’ll be burnt to a crisp.

‘I’m definitely off men at the moment anyway.’